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a fitting reward

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Meed thanked them all and "gave them cups of clean gold and pieces of silver, rings with rubies and riches enough.
What a laborer received, he said, was not Meed but just Wages.
Wrong well knew that the complaint was just, but with the help of Meed he won Wit and Wisdom to his side.
To these heroic tempers, such martyrdom is the richest meed in the world's gift.
In her latest book, A Time To Heal, Meeds is to be commended for having the courage to tackle this subject head on, with no holds barred.
MEED forecasts that more than $135bn will be required by 2019 if rising demand is to be met and old infrastructure is to be replaced.
Meeds is the author of The Journey Home, which tells the story of Danny, a young First Nation's man dying of AIDS.