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African dwarf succulent perennial shrub with numerous slender drooping branches

weedy rye grass having long bristling awns

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There was no stage; the members of the cast mingled with the spectators, who followed them around, only to be startled afresh every time the Medusa's head dropped back down.
The white marble sculpture of the Medusa's head will be returned on Monday to the Algerian Culture Minister Khalida Toumi at a ceremony in Tunis, a ministry spokeswoman said.
The connection made between Medusa's head and the double-nature of rhetoric, as both a force that illuminates (makes clear) and controls, is palpable in the figure of Petrarch's Medusa.
Point out that instead of hair, Medusa's head is covered with poisonous snakes.
31) The Medusa's head is in this respect an emblem for the educator's control over the irrational and incomprehensible.
According to Freud, one may read this act as symbolic of castration, the Medusa's head representing a dismembered penis.
A noisy action film, starring Sam Worthington as Perseus, son of Zeus, forced to find evil witches, battle giant scorpions, ride Pegasus and cut off Medusa's head before taking on the sea monster Kraken.
Perseus is forced to find evil witches, battle giant scorpions, ride Pegasus and cut off Medusa's head before taking on the sea monster.
You simply unveil it like Medusa's head and turn all discussion into stone.
Magny's ode states of Perseus, mounted on Pegasus and clutching Medusa's head, that ".
Here's one with Medusa's head, cheek submerged in water.
Meyer show that all gradations are possible from the "writhing flames" of a coiffure, through a glimpse of Aissa's face ("the slender spikes of pale green orchids streamed from amongst the boughs and mingled with the black hair that framed her face"), to an explicit recoil in front of a character, "exactly as if she had seen Medusa's head with serpentine locks" (299).
These are meant to be neat, decorous spears but in their compromised condition are more comparable to the unmanageable snakes on Medusa's head.
25) The eye drops down from Perseus's face to Medusa's head and from his scimitar to Medusa's headless torso.