medlar tree

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small deciduous Eurasian tree cultivated for its fruit that resemble crab apples

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Here, surrounded by twelve hunters, the unicorn seems to be purifying a poisoned stream with his horn, a hypothesis supported by the presence of such plants as pot marigold under the hyena's chin, the medlar tree to the left of the fountain, the blue-flowered sage in front of the fountain, and an orange tree in the lower right corner of the tapestry.
my baby daughter asleep under the medlar tree, the first
The normally compact leathery crab apples that the medlar tree produces were in the subsequent season so large that three of them sufficed for a bushel.
Italians count The House by the Medlar Tree Verga's masterpiece.
House by the Medlar Tree, The Realist (verismo) novel of Sicilian life by Verga, Giovanni, published in 1881 as I Malavoglia.
The Malavoglias, 1881) A novel by Giovanni Verga, also known in translation as The House by the Medlar Tree.