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(medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease

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Mortality due to medicinal drug poisoning: mortality coefficients by age group (annual per 1,000,000 inhabitants).
Rajitha Senaratne tabled the National Medicine Regulatory Authority Bill that will implement the National Medicinal Drugs and Devices Policy based on Prof.
Our current and future customers now can access our leading medicinal drug products through a more user-friendly vehicle.
3 -- The draft Bill to regulate medicinal drugs and devices, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and functional foods is to be finalized within two months.
Contract notice: Open house medicinal drug discounts dienogest and ethinylestradiol, atc g03aa16.
In an advisory, the FDA said all food and dietary supplement products sold in the market should strictly carry on their labels the phrase "Mahalagang paalala: Ang (name of product) ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit (Important reminder: This is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease).
That is, we take five countries, such as Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and will base on the active ingredient, instead of commercial title of the medicinal drug, and fix basing on the active substance price in those five countries the average price, as in Ukraine the cost of these drugs, of these components cannot exceed the average that we have calculated analysing this issue in those countries.
99 dollars, the new application called 'Cannabis' can help find the medicinal drug in the 13 states that have such laws, and lawyers in the 37 others that don't.
We are pleased to make continued progress in our ABIP program and look forward to using the scientific guidance and assistance available through the EMEA's Orphan Medicinal Drug Program," said David Johnston, Nektar senior vice president of research and development.
At the same time D-Herb takes the necessary steps to evaluate the supplement for its pharmaceutical potential and get it certified as a medicinal drug.
Request for quotations: supply of medicinal drug dactinomycin
25 for carrying out procurement of medicinal drug mitoxantrone
Request for quotations: Provision of Carrying Out Procurement Of Medicinal Drug Vinorelbine
Request for quotations: zk-0464/16 for the supply of medicinal drug dexamethasone
The moderate risk category applies to the economic entities with over 10 billion RUB revenue, operating in manufacturing and sales of medicinal drugs and medical products, providing medical services, communications services, transportation services, the housing-and-utility sector, oil and oil products transportation via pipelines, etc.