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Synonyms for medication

Synonyms for medication

an agent used to restore health

a substance used in the treatment of disease

Synonyms for medication

(medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease

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the act of treating with medicines or remedies

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Monitoring the proper use of the medications: Because of their coordinated patient-care model, specialty pharmacies can work directly with the physician to ensure the drug is appropriate for treatment and the medication is prescribed at the proper dosage level.
They find that volunteers randomly assigned to stay on the antipsychotic medication that had originally stabilized their mental states improved more and developed fewer side effects than did participants who switched medications.
It is appropriate for the pharmacy to refuse to dispense medication for orders with significant unaddressed safety concerns such as illegibility.
For patients who were initially in the next-to-lowest stratum of CD4 cell counts, a decline in CD4 cell count within six months after baseline was associated with a statistically significant increase in health care expenditures; the increased expenditures were accounted for mainly by medications other than antiretroviral drugs and hospitalizations.
Several medications appear safe for pregnant women, although we generally try to avoid oral medications during the first trimester if possible.
For example, division leaders can be kept informed of the special medical needs of their campers--such as missed medications, activity restrictions, or special health center appointments.
Those who take mood medication of-ten report that they are now much better able to cope with their stress, anxiety, and unhappiness.
But men who merely experiment with erectile dysfunction medications are often disappointed with the results, with the spontaneity-killing wait of 30 minutes or more for the medications to kick in, or with such side effects as flushing, headaches, and even blue-tinted vision.
Overusing medications can occur in several ways: taking more than the recommended dosage at one time, taking the next dose sooner than directed, or taking more dosages per day than directed.
Even if the medication is covered, the pharmacist said at best it will take three to five days for Medi-Cal to approve the prescription, leaving the patients without their medications.
Beta-blockers in general are an excellent class of medication, but athletes usually do not like beta-blockers because they tend to impair athletic performance.
Examples of errors and inappropriate medication use are numerous.
If treatment is needed, the doctor may suggest that another therapist, usually a social worker or a psychologist, provide therapy while the psychiatrist will oversee medication if it is needed.
To combat these effects, patients often are given anticholinergic medication such as benztropine (Cogentin) or diphenhydramine (Benadryl).
A new procedure for delivering medication directly to the inner ear has been developed.