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a check reimbursing an aged person for the expenses of health care

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GAO's analysis indicates that the hospice payment methodology, with rates based on the historical mix and cost of services, a per diem amount that varies only by payment category, and a cap on total Medicare payments, may not reflect current patterns of care.
Senator Kyl also joined with Senator Richard Durbin (D-III) to sponsor an amendment stating that Medicare beneficiaries "deserve to know" that under current law they may pay out of pocket for Medicare covered services if they decline to have a claim submitted to Medicare and if a doctor will accept Medicare payment rates, and for non-covered services at rates determined by physicians.
It is likely, however, that the PPS payment will approximate an updated version of the 1996 average per diem of $710 for rehabilitation units as reported by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.
GAO reviewed Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rule on changes to Medicare payment for drugs and physician fee schedule payments for calendar year 2004.
And in June, Gail Wilensky, chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, testified during a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee that there is a need for targeted relief for SNFs.
Gloria Bazzoli, PhD, Vice President for Research at the Hospital Research and Educational Trust, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, writes, "Proposed Medicaid and Medicare payment cuts are likely to eliminate the delicate financial balance that many urban hospitals have achieved in providing trauma care.
Because trip volume is a strong indicator of costs, the Medicare payment differences across rural counties likely do not fully reflect differences in providers' cost per trip.
The deteriorating economic condition of physicians' practice disproportionately affected by the Medicare payment system.
The Company's prediction at this time is that the most likely change in Medicare payment for home oxygen will be the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) plan to change payment for home oxygen to a modality specific reimbursement system.
The expected Medicare payment generated by the IPPS pricer also accounts for Medicare DSH and indirect medical education payments, as well as outlier payments, which are computed using covered charges and hospital-specific cost-to-charge ratios.
But negotiations had always broken down when the two sides failed to settle on a way to offset the budgetary impact of permanently ending the large Medicare payment cuts that the existing SGR formula called for.
AFTER TRYING AND FAILING TO introduce a Medicare co-payment for visiting your doctor, the federal government now wants to privatise the Medicare payment processing system.
Medicare physician payments matter to ObGyns in other ways, too, because TRICARE and private payers often follow Medicare payment and coverage policies.
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, "Report to the Congress: Regional Variation in Medicare Service Use," January 2011, http://medpac.
Physicians will not face Medicare payment cuts this year, thanks to a compromise reached by members of Congress.
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