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an official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients

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Wellmark does allow social work services for psychiatric patients, with the following caveat: "A beneficiary may require separate and distinct services provided by a skilled psychiatric nurse and a medical social worker.
To remain essential to their agencies, she stated, medical social workers needed to develop power.
Medical social workers are expected to alleviate much of this suffering.
Maria Nguyen, a medical social worker in Kansas City, Kan.
Kevin Mossop is a medical social worker with the labour and delivery and neonatal intensive care units at Trillium.
Johnson, MSW, medical social worker, liver transplant program, the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; OPO Representative --Helen W.
Dame Helen, who becomes an honorary Doctor of Law, began working as a medical social worker at Nottingham City Hospital after reading social administration with psychology and law at the city's university.
The girl was under the supervision of a medical social worker and they obviously had their suspicions that something was wrong because she was so sick so often.
Nathan has spent most of his career as a civil servant, starting as a medical social worker in 1955 and climbing through the ranks to hold senior posts in the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry.
And Mary, a head medical social worker at Dublin's St James Hospital, said that government funding was vital to make the project a success.
Beth, a former medical social worker, spent a year being inseminated intracervically before she went to an infertility specialist and discovered she had complications that required medical assistance.
I worked simultaneously at a psychiatric hospital and as a medical social worker with terminally ill patients who required kidney dialysis.
And one leading candidate for beheading in that, I think, will be the medical social worker.
These open forum groups are facilitated by the Program Manager, Paul Prosser, with the support of an AHF medical social worker.
Bradford, a 1955 graduate of the University of Massachusetts, traveled to California before returning to Boylston and becoming a medical social worker and case manager for UMass Medical Center for 43 years.
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