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the body of individuals who are qualified to practice medicine

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The medical profession is the only one which a man may enter at any age with some chance of making a living.
Failure of the medical profession to put its house in order and put in place some self-monitoring mechanism has paved the way for judiciary which has now started monitoring the medical profession.
What made doctors unique from other health professionals was the authority to prescribe medication and as a result the medical profession opposed granting prescribing rights to non-medical professionals.
LAHORE:Health Managers Association Punjab General Secretary Dr Haq Nawaz Bharwana has alleged that conspiracies were being hatched to defame the medical profession and health department.
The president said rapid changes are taking place in the realm of economy and technology but role of the medical profession remains the same.
In India, over the last decade, a series of stewardship failures in the health system, particularly in the medical profession, have led to a massive erosion of trust in these institutions.
It became clear to all of us in the audience that the medical profession haven't been properly consulted about the proposals and that very many, perhaps the majority, believe the proposals are flawed.
It is incredible that a group of people with the backing of the Welsh Government are actively pushing the promotion of the Welsh language into the struggling medical profession.
The medical profession should be heavily fined if a clinic or surgery is found to be abusing the system.
He said that medical profession had produced extraordinary clinicians in past but failed to perform role in getting better professionally skilled teachers.
As part of its study for the Medical Profession Practice Law and the Dentistry Law, the Committee hosted Dr.
Although I promote the study of maths, as I teach maths with science, I find Lord Willis's comments very much like those that used to surround the medical profession when Latin was dropped as an entry qualification to courses (News, PE August).
New Delhi, June 7 -- Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan on Wednesday refused to apologise to the Indian Medical Association which has accused him of defaming the medical profession through his popular TV show "Satyamev Jayate" and said he is ready to face any legal action threatened by it.
They have voted for the Health Bill which is opposed by organisations representing the whole medical profession.
4 billion on an NHS reform programme that has been strongly criticised by many parts of the medical profession.
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