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Indeed, they violated two basic tenets of medical professionalism: first, that medical practitioners deserve to be paid because they are licensed members of the profession, and second, that payment does not depend on the patient's satisfaction.
For example, if a patient known to be HIV positive dies, does the medical practitioner have an ethical duty to inform the spouse or sexual partner of the deceased about the dead person's HIV status--even though the patient did not give consent to such disclosure prior to death?
COMPRESSION Garments such as stockings or armsleeves, if prescribed need to be worn every day as directed by your medical practitioner and removed at night.
Professional misconduct by medical practitioners is governed by the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 made under Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act, 1956.
First, specialist medical practitioner services are much less likely to bulk bill compared to general medical practitioners services (40% and 82% respectively).
Sections 3-6 may be compiled by the medical practitioner or may be compiled in the supplementary report(s) of the other relevant expert(s) (see below); in which case comment should be provided by the medical practitioner (see below).
To use Calvary medical facilities, a medical practitioner enters into a contract with Calvary granting them rights to use Calvary medical facilities.
States Richardson, "It's a win-win for both the Medical Practitioner and the Employer.
Medical Practitioner Current Status: Active; Deceased; Emigrated; Retired; Semi - Retired
I hope this Bill will change the existing practice whereby a medical practitioner .
Inside the medical practitioner marketplace, we focus primarily upon sole practitioners, doctors and other health providers operating in clinics of up to ten providers.
She points instead to evidence that he spent much of his career as a medical practitioner in Venice, where his reputation for learning in philosophy, medicine, and anatomy earned him respect in both political and humanist circles and where his contacts ranged from Marin Sanudo to Giorgio Valla to Cassandra Fedele.
Compared to Figure 4, technology has compressed the range of acceptable care and reduced the degree of freedom of the medical practitioner.
As an integrative medical practitioner, I give attention to all of the potential non-physical aspects that feed fatigue, but I primarily focus on the physical factors.
People who were unable to work because they had contracted SARS must provide a medical certificate or other documentation signed by a recognized medical practitioner attesting that they had the disease and the period of time for which it applies.
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