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The designation of CMPE demonstrates that Helfer has achieved board certification in medical practice management.
It is anticipated that almost one-third--about 30 percent--of medical practice revenue this year will not come from insurance payments, but instead from the pockets of patients.
This overview for medical practice executives provides a foundation in information management in the health care organization.
Closed from 1pm on February 10 are: Densham Surgery, Barley Fields Medical Practice, Eaglescliffe Health Centre, Yarm Medical Centre, Woodlands Medical Centre, Health Centre - Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby, Elm Tree Medical Centre, Thornaby & Barwick Medical Group, Dr Syed, The Dovecot Practice, Tithebarn Medical Centre, Queens Park Medical Centre, Arrival Practice, The Birchtree Practice and Dr Banerjee.
SAN DIEGO -- About one-third of medical practices have no emergency medical preparedness plan to deal with disasters such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and terrorist attacks, results from a national survey demonstrated.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 19, 2005 - (JCNN) - Leading Japanese GIS (geographic information system) solution provider PASCO announced on August 18 that it will enter the market for medical practice consulting.
Even though there are now more than 40 fields of specialization, the organizational characteristics of medical practice remain the same, even though the solo practitioner is a rarity.
Such an epidemic would be on the order of twice the case-fatality rate and quadruple the incidence observed in a general medical practice during the winter of 1953.
The chapter "Cost Accounting" covers the 'why' and 'how' in regards to a medical practice in the process of cost accounting analysis so that management is in a better position to negotiate the rates with insurance companies.
In recent years, social historians of medicine have illuminated how medical practice developed in the context of changing cultural and social values.
A medical practice is arguably one of the most complex and difficult business enterprises to value.
Forcing the virtual end to solo medical practice, most doctors are compelled to join large group practices known as IPAs.
Congress never gave the FDA power to control medical practice.
These newer entities may have more in common with other service businesses than with the conventional medical practice, and tax advisers must react accordingly.
In addition, there is a shortage of qualified medical practice personnel who have the unique abilities needed to manage complicated medical practice functions, such as billing and collecting.
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