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an institution created for the practice of medicine

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This agreement is a model for the type of transactions we hope to complete with leading medical institutions across the country," said Ernest A.
NovaVision welcomes the Eye Institute at Tan Tock Seng Hospital to the network of leading medical institutions around the world offering NovaVision VRT," said NovaVision President and CEO Navroze Mehta.
MPA Sobia Khan, who is also President PML-N Youth Women Wing, said that the Postgraduate Medical Institution (PGMI) has rendered valuable services in the health sectors and closing of such institution would create a bad name besides those associated would become jobless.
Therefore, KMC has gained the special status of a mother medical institution of the province.
To strengthen the provision of information to medical institutions on how to use the product, easy-to-understand images can now be viewed using free application software.
Liverpool Medical Institution is one of the oldest medical societies in the world, tracing its origins to the founding of the Liverpool Medical Library in 1779.
Although the company says it is still preparing to conduct clinical studies with other medical institutions, it expects to market the Norika3 by the end of the year both in Japan and overseas.
However, under Section 1396p(a)(2), no hen can be imposed on an individual's home if one of the following resides there: (1) the individual's spouse; (2) a child under 21 years; (3) a blind or disabled child; or (4) the individual's sibling who has an equity interest in the home and was residing there for at least one year immediately before the individual's admission to the medical institution.
I think that any head of medical institution involved in corruption does not have the right to hold the post.
LAHORE -- Principal Postgraduate Medical Institution (PGMI) Prof.
Thus, the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be appointed as the executor of the project of creating a medical institution of the TCM in Kyrgyzstan, which is responsible for the implementation of cooperation with the relevant departments and agencies for the construction and equipping of the medical institution, development and mobilization of resources of medical plants of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Speaking on the occasion, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said the nomenclature of the existing medical institution will not be effected by establishment of the new university.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 16, 2005 - (JCN) - Takara Bio announced on December 15 that it will provide RetroNectin, its proprietary recombinant human fibronectin fragment, to the City of Hope National Medical Center, a US medical institution specializing in the research of cancer, diabetes and AIDS.
Based on the results of the experiment, the company will commercialize the system by introducing it to local governments and medical institutions nationwide beginning in April 2006.
Food and Drug Administration clearance for the Surgisis AFP plug in March of 2005, sales of the device have increased by 48 percent in the first two quarters of 2006 to physicians, hospitals and other medical institutions seeking an effective, minimally invasive means of treating debilitating, painful anal fistulas.
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