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Some good work is being done to mobilize for sane policies on access to medical care [2]--but not enough of it.
12,13,14] Unsurprisingly, the result is variability in medical care.
He would have a hard time understanding why every other industrial democracy decided long ago that medical care should be allocated differently from "vacation homes and fast cars.
REFLECTIONS: In IRS Letter Ruling 200452013, an employer contributed to an HRA that reimbursed medical care expenses of former employees and their families.
Alan Wisotsky, an attorney representing the Sheriff's Department, said Torres always received the appropriate medical care, including treatment by a urologist.
This will be the path to increasing the inherent value of the medical care system.
The senior notes will be guaranteed on a senior basis jointly and severally by the company, Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.
The IRS ruled that the children were attending the school principally to receive medical care in the form of special education in those years they were diagnosed as having a medical condition that handicapped their ability to learn.
A county prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action seeking damages for injuries he sustained when a jail door closed on him, and for alleged intentional or deliberate deprivation of medical care.
Whether an expense is "primarily" for medical care is a question of fact.
The medical care budget exceeds $17 billion annually.
The federal government is responsible for the costs of medical care provided to illegal immigrants in its ``custody.
After closing, Fresenius Medical Care expects to refinance the acquisition on a long-term basis.
105(b), gross income does not include payments, directly or indirectly, to the taxpayer to reimburse expenses for medical care (as defined in Sec.
In addition, many research studies have demonstrated less costly methods of providing medical care.
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