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a woman who is a mediator

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4) See June Hall McCash's "The Mulier Mediatrix in the Deus Amanz of Marie de France.
Y con el empleo expreso del titulo de Mediadora aparecen: Mediatrix nos Filio reconciliam, Mediatrix peccatorum vere bona, Mediatrix pro nobis perpetuo intercedem, Mediatrix inter Christum et Ecclesiam constituia, Mediatrix salutis mundo conciliandae, Mediatrix mysteriorum Dei .
crystallized in her role as Mediatrix, the mediator of grace or her
Some of our vendors are Matrix Comsec, Digium, Snom, Draytek, Mediatrix, Patton, Vu Telepresence and Viascope.
An historian would notice the number of Australian bishops, provincial superiors and seminary theologians and canonists who wanted the doctrine of Mary as Co-Redeemer or Mediatrix of All Graces, to be defined as dogma.
Rather, they are an essential part of her character as mediatrix.
com)-- Media5 Corporation, a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, today announced that the TR-069 Protocol for remote management of end-user devices has been successfully integrated into the Mediatrix line of VoIP Gateways.
The company's Mediatrix product range is based on semantic computer linguistic and artificial intelligence which can power databases, email responses and a digital mailroom in multiple languages.
2000: the ferry Our Lady of Mediatrix caught fire following the detonation of two bombs onboard.
Historically connected to Mary's status as Reader was her function as Mediatrix.
Packeteer, Extricomm, SonicWall, Allied Telesyn, Fluke Networks, Radwin, AMPROBE, DH Instruments, Meterman, Pomona, Raytek, DHILogoColor, Epygi, Mediatrix y Teldat.
Contrasting backgrounds often distinguish the heavenly and earthly spheres, while a triangular interaction links them, as the supplicant appeals to the mediatrix, who in turn petitions the Christ child.
But idle Costanza, as discussed above, is neither heroic agent nor mediatrix of this paradigmatic parable of fall and restoration.
De nuevo, el problema atrae, y hay verdades parciales en su planteamiento, pero, metido a jugar --a novelar-- con eso, no aprovecha la presencia femenina en la misma tradicion catolica y cristiana (incluyendo a los millones que en la actualidad quieren que Maria, la madre de Jesus, no sea solamente la principal mediatrix y Reina de los Cielos, sino tambien corredentora junto con su hijo), ni echa mano de la compleja mariologia contemporanea, ni de las implicaciones que entranaria el afirmar que Jesus solo fuera profeta, cayendo asi en una de las dos posibles herejias que han existido desde el inicio del cristianismo: negar la divinidad de Jesucristo o negar su humanidad.
The Mediatrix Converged Enterprise Telephony solution is a CPE-based end-to-end VoIP application that leverages the capacity of existing enterprise VPNs to carry voice and fax traffic from legacy devices, PBX and Key Systems on a converged IP-based network.