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Synonyms for mediation

Synonyms for mediation

a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party

the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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Of the wood elements, green could have been a mediative energy to balance the water and fire.
This mediative relationship, while implied, has, to our knowledge, never been tested; we thus provided finer-grained insight into the use of MDA for SCM.
If we take this observation at face value it suggests that Hare lo is not a mirative marker, but rather either a marker of immediate/sensory evidence or a mediative marker.
The OECD's mediative effect is significant in influencing diffusion: the longer a country has participated in networks of policy-makers created by the OECD and the EU, the higher the likelihood of adoption.
According to the didactic and ergonomic approach [16], the cognitive and mediative components relate to the choices made by the teacher in the spatial, temporal and mathematical organisation of the lessons.
This category of interventions consists of mediative techniques that are thought to have the dual effect of de-escalating difficult classroom dialogue coupled with the prospect of helping counseling students in their development of multicultural personal awareness, knowledge, and skills (Sue et al.
They have to think of the means they can employ to induce the mediative agents to neutralize the destabilizers in a manner that enables the influential agents to agree to the desired goals.
Instead, consumerism is locked into a two-party, bipolar code that is little more mediative than a mirror.
They also supported multi-vocality by engaging many voices to strengthen the relational space-in-between the various direct and indirect participants, while also paying attention to the tensional and mediative dynamics in working through areas of conflict and differences.
This active engagement of the renowned Tuan Guru reveals the strength that can be gained by blending local communal dispute resolution mechanisms with religious authority and the important mediative role that these religious leaders play in resolving social tensions and conflict.
The Liberal Democrat leader normally sits through Prime Minister's Questions with an expression which ranges from mediative to pained but the thought of being present for yesterday's postmortem on the Euro-walkout was clearly too much too bear.
This is why some analysts began to pose the question "whether the operation had turned into an internal mediative, peacebuilding/development role, rather than a defensive hedge against spillover effects from neighboring states.
At the same time, the Immigrant Associations can teach the immigrant families to play a significant mediative role in order to see how important education is for their children.