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Synonyms for mediation

Synonyms for mediation

a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party

the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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This report assesses the billing mediation sector, provides a market share analysis of approximately 50 suppliers that deliver solutions to the global CSP market, and establishes a five-year forecast for the billing mediation market.
mediation of sorted mail transmissions, first class mail,
2) Though many legal scholars have argued that enactment of an evidentiary privilege against disclosure of information learned during a mediation is unnecessary, as confidentiality of such information is protected by contract and by state or federal evidentiary rules, others have reasoned that these methods are insufficient to further the goals of mediated dispute resolution.
Long and Winding Road, in GLOBAL TRENDS IN MEDIATION, supra note 47, at
The focus of this textbook is on legal mediation--substantial disputes involving legal claims, in which the disputants are likely to hire attorneys--and addresses legal mediation primarily from the perspective of a lawyer representing a client, rather than from the viewpoint of mediator or party.
Suppose you've been appointed a guardian ad litem in a child custody case and then learn that a mediation was underway (for more on the GAL's role, see Helen Gunnarsson's article beginning on page 572).
The CAF President, Issa Hayatou, has agreed to ask his executive committee to lift the ban imposed on Togo, following mediation of their dispute, in which the Togo Football Federation agreed that it had not complied with the CAF regulations.
One of the ways to settle disputes is through the mediation process.
IFC has taken lead in introducing alternate dispute resolution and mediation mechanisms in Pakistan.
The American College of Civil Trial Mediators (ACCTM; Orlando, FL) has begun the publication of the "American Journal of Mediation," an annual journal focusing on ethical and professionals standards of mediation practice and the growth and efficacy of alternative dispute resolution systems.
Congress added a requirement for all states to make mediation available to parents after they filed a due process complaint.
The most commonly used form of ADR in family law disputes is mediation.
If you're at a loss about how to handle some of these situations, a mediation process known as alternative dispute resolution can be used to resolve conflicts within your organization.
Mediation is a negotiation between the parties facilitated by an independent third-party.
11) Let us call this cluster of items the mediations of ordinary religion, which have the double function of mediating the sacred power and presence and delivering the traditioned material to the next generation.