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On ultrasound, diagnostic keys are numerous small cystic structures within the rete testis without calcifications or solid components and a characteristic location in the posterolateral region of the testis near the mediastinum testis.
Skrotal USG ile bilateral testislerde, mediastinum testis komsulugunda milimetrik ekojeniteler, skrotal doppler USG ile bilateral testis boyutlarinda azalma, parankim ekojenitelerinde azalma, bilateral testis parankiminde mikrolityazis ile uyumlu olabilecek fokal ekojen alanlar saptandi.
4) The mediastinum testis can be seen as a linear echogenic band.
4) Tubular ectasia of the rete testis can present as multiple cystic lesions, but its characteristic location near the mediastinum testis should prompt the diagnosis.