medial rectus muscle

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the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball medially

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muscle restriction and compressive effects) that caused maldevelopment of the medial rectus muscle and secondary strabismus.
37) More uncommon locations, such as within the medial rectus muscle, subretinally in the vitreous body in the anterior chamber, (29) and retro-orbitally (35) have also been reported.
In addition, bony invasion of the anteroinferomedial wall of the left orbit was noted with extension of the tumor into the orbit itself, which resulted in lateral displacement of the left medial rectus muscle.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses demonstrated a large, enhancing mass within the left ethmoid sinus; CT also showed tumor erosion through the anterior cranial fossa and the left lamina papyracea and compression of the medial rectus muscle and optic nerve (figure 1).
We report such a case in a patient with a carcinoid metastasis that was found in the medial rectus muscle.
The lamina papyracea was breached with extension into the extraconal compartment of the fight orbit, displacing the medial rectus muscle and eyeball laterally (figure 1, A and B).
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