medial rectus

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the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball medially

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The quantitative data including age at surgery and pre-operative amount of deviations in prism dioptres at distance and near and amount of surgery in millimetre of lateral rectus recession and medial rectus resection were represented in Mean [+ or -] SD.
The mass was carefully separated from the medial rectus and optic nerve, then completely removed.
For recession surgery, medial rectus muscle was detached from the sclera (Figure 2) after used suspensory suture with Vicryl 7-0 (polyglactin 910, Ethicon, USA).
We observed a thickened and contrast-enhanced right medial rectus muscle in the orbital MRI (Figure 4b).
muscle restriction and compressive effects) that caused maldevelopment of the medial rectus muscle and secondary strabismus.
involvement of the paired medial rectus subnuclei causes a wall-eyed bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia (WEBINO), characterised by exotropia, and defective convergence and adduction.
A case of unilateral medial rectus paresis following a viper bite.
Erosions were noted in the right inferior orbital wall and the disease was noted to involve the inferior oblique and medial rectus muscles, pushing right optic nerve superiorly.
A CT scan of the head showed no abnormalities, so the right medial rectus muscle was treated with Botox injection.
The muscles most commonly affected by thyroid eye disease are the inferior and medial rectus muscles.
Anatomical studies of extraocular motoneurons in the adults of elasmobranch species have uniformly demonstrated that medial rectus (MR) muscle innervation is contralateral, as compared with ipsilateral in all other vertebrates (7, 10, 11), including an eye muscle similarly located in the lamprey orbit (9).
The abducens nucleus, located in the pons, is of central importance in the control of horizontal gaze as it governs conjugate movements of both the ipsilateral lateral rectus and contralateral medial rectus muscles (Fig 3).
It is fairly rare that midbrain infarction only manifests as isolated medial rectus nuclear palsy.
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