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As soon as you start opening up the medial ligament you're in trouble.
These patients were aged 40-85 with symptomatic radiographic primary femorotibial knee OA measuring grade 2 or 3 on the Kellgren-Lawrence scale and a medial minimum joint space width (mJSW) 2.
During postoperative week 1, the patient developed a non-purulent, non-erythematous draining wound over the medial femoral condyle where the calcium phosphate had been injected.
The morphological variants of the shapes of the lateral and the medial menisci were macroscopically noted and classified.
Adult, admitted patients with medial meniscus injury in whom conservative treatment failed to produce relief were included in the study.
The medial canthal ligament plays an important role in maintaining shape and function of the eyelids.
In the 21st century, a new anatomic structure, medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL), crucial for patellofemoral stability was determined [4-6, 8].
The patient had anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament (MCL), medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) rupture, and lateral meniscal tear.
Augmented Posterior stabilized modular knee replacement prosthesis consisting of Femoral component - size B/2(asymmetric deep trochlear groove, with variable radii for condyles), titanium/cobalt chrome tibial component- size B/2 (Highly polished top surface, modular with provision for attaching stem extension), crosslinked polyethylene modular articular insert, polyethylene patellar component (three pegs); one medial tibial augment, one tibial extension stem with option of at least 4mm offset; USFDA APPROVED
The Manchester United midfielder, 31, (left) suffered a partial medial ligament tear in his right knee during a training session with the Germany squad in Berlin, ahead of Saturday's friendly clash with England.
Reconstruction of the medial orbit poses a formidable challenge to the reconstructive surgeon due to the region's complex skeletal and soft-tissue anatomy, limited surgical access, and limitations imposed by autogenous and alloplastic materials.
Closed method of medial patellar desmotomy is preferred option because of little or no haemorrhage with smaller external incision and no suture requirements, rapid healing with least post-operative complications, no need to give complete rest for a longer period, minimum cost of treatment and finally less time consuming (Sutradhar, 2003; Sharma et al.
In our case we describe the rare complication of medial migration of the lag screw, three months after implantation of the Gamma nail.
One of the structures of guineafowl's long-bone compact tissue is mixed histoarchitectonics, which is observed in the humerus bone (in the lateral, dorsal, and volar sectors of the bone's proximal part; in the diaphysis of the volar and dorsal sector and from the middle of the superficial edge to the middle of the compact tissue of the medial sector; in the bone's distal part of the lateral sector and in the dorsal sector at the perimedullary edge).