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the quality of being mediate

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The other dimension of mediacy concerns the different types of perspective, namely the distinction between voice and focalisation, between the agent to whom the language used, the verbal utterance, is ascribed ("who speaks?
Whereas irony, for an exemplary European critic like Georg Lukacs, operated reparatively in its "self-correction of the world's fragility" and in its negotiation of the "unbridgeable chasm between reality and the ideal," (Theory of the Novel 76-77), irony in the Benjamin-Baudelaire conjugation is trauma's functional trope; surrendering literary propadeutics to the shock of mediacy (with the full value of that term resonating as mediality in mass culture, theory of media, and the mediation--read: alienation--of experience).
In addition, Hobbes is always concerned with the many vicissitudes that mediacy brings to representation, and its essential unavoidability; Leviathan's well-known chapter 16, "Of Persons, Authors, and Things Personated," discussed by Kottman, takes as its central problem the ways in which authority is transferred, or fails to transfer, between positions.
Nunning and Sommer start with a review of definitions of narrativity, citing Fludernik and Ryan, to conclude that the normative dichotomies between fiction and drama on the grounds of lack of mediacy should be forgotten in favour of an exploration of diegetic narrative elements in drama (336).
Paperwork: Fiction and Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age.
He acknowledges the assumption of a dual perspective as "a special form of expression of the mediacy of narration," (55) but regards the uncertainty created by FID about the sources of linguistic utterances and thoughts narrated, basically as a technique in establishing the "authorial-figural continuum.
More recently, however, an emphasis on Schleiermacher's notion of mediacy has appeared, with readings ranging so widely that some call Schleiermacher a "good Kantian," remaining within the limitations of Kant's first Kritik, while others claim that Schleiermacher is proto-Hegelian, and still others, that he is a protopragmatist.
The fourth and fifth paragraphs are entirely monologic with little of the mediacy of narration.
Apparently, Borges rejects this first method because it does not reveal the artificiality of fiction since it conceals, in Sturrock's words, "the essential mediacy of language, of literary protocol" (81).
But while fictional narratives cultivate an impossible immediacy, they also rely on a distinct mediacy, inasmuch as they separate narrators from real authors.
Paperwork: Fiction & Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age.
Similarly, Ernest Cassirer says, "Language harbours the curse of mediacy, and is bound to conceal what it seeks to reveal.
Each of these settings calls attention to its particular configuration of the author-reader relationship and its relative mediacy or immediacy.
By attempting to reproduce the elements of face-to-face immediacy and print mediacy - as Daniel (1996, p.
At the same time, they clearly interpreted the mediacy of a command as a meaning that characterizes the mood and regarded concession and doubt as secondary meanings of these moods.