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the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical care

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We've also added nine additional medevac companies to the reserve component," he said.
Now with the addition of the Learjet 60 this will add more flexibility to our medevac services and offers a greater flying range than the Learjet 35's.
The Army thinks it can justify keeping about 10,000 of the armored trucks for mine-clearance, engineering and medevac duties, said Lt.
I said call for medevac," and started working on the man with my aide kit.
When Rollen's vehicle was struck by two IEDs while en route to an explosives sweep, he cleared the kill zone, provided first aid to his unconscious gunner until the squad's medic relieved him and once relieved, cleared the remaining area for possible IEDs to allow a MEDEVAC team to transport the wounded gunner to a medical treatment facility.
Medevac helicopters were earlier seen flying out of Baghdad.
One of the men wasn't paying attention, and the crane swung around and hit him in the chest, crushing it and requiring a medevac to a hospital in Kuwait.
A three-car pileup on a major interstate with numerous injuries is a tragic scene, but medevac helicopters are a saving grace in helping get injured individuals the help they need quickly.
These airports are also used for 24-hour medevac emergency operations.
Fortunately, excellent pre-deployment training, development of in-country TTPs and world class air MEDEVAC and treatment at the CSH greatly reduced the number of fatalities during a costly second tour for the STRIKE BCT.
However, this presented a problem for the MEDEVAC units because too much of their time was being used exclusively for transporting blood products rather than their primary mission--evacuating casualties.
Navy in World War II; a grandfather who served in World War II w id in Korea as a Marine medevac helicopter pilot; and her older sister, Kathy, currently serving as a U.
The company model established by the 421st was later adopted by units in Vietnam when the organization of MEDEVAC transitioned from detachments to companies as described in the official history of DUSTOFF in Vietnam.
28 minutes after the crash, more than two dozen ambulances were on the scene, along with fire battalions, search and rescue teams, paramedics and medevac helicopters.