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the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical care

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American Medevac premiered on PBS in New York City in September of last year and has been shown on approximately 40 other PBS stations around the country.
Larry McKinley, Docent, National Air and Space Museum, and a medevac (DUSTOFF) pilot in Vietnam.
And as far as I knew, we certainly hadn't crossed into the realm of operational necessity for this medevac.
If you want to know the latest happenings in the MEDEVAC community, check out both portals now.
In late 2073, an HC-130H executed a medevac of a fisherman in Tarawa who was impaled by a swordfish spike running from his forearm to his shoulder.
As the oldest company to provide medevac services, Royal Jet has flown over 1,650 missions to date.
The Royal Jet Medevac service has now provided emergency evacuation for the victims of three separate fatal road accidents in Oman over the past week on the orders of heikh Khalifa.
The radios enable mission-critical voice and data applications at the tactical edge, supporting network-enabled missions such as close-air support, precision fires, MEDEVAC and collaborative chat.
The Global 5000 jet was chosen by the German government as the best suited aircraft to meet the BWB tender's 12-seat jet requirement because of its many attributes, including its intercontinental range and ability to reconfigure the interior to MedEvac capabilities when required.
The new airfield lights have been designed to will help supply and medevac aircraft navigate their way to and from the remote village located on the northern end of the Williston Reservoir, British Columbia.
Air Charter International More Medevac in Singapore.
The Global 5000 jet is the aircraft best suited to meet the BWB tender 12-seat jet requirement, which includes intercontinental range and the ability to reconfigure the interior for MedEvac capabilities, with an option to carry an intensive care patient transport unit when required.
This is a great article ["A Promise Kept" November-December 2009] that does a fantastic job of highlighting the importance and achievements of the Aeromedical Evacuation MEDEVAC Mission.
Thurman, Army G-3/5/7, said no transformational change to the aviation force is more important or consequential than the decision to increase aircraft in medevac companies from 12 to 15.
With a slight twist on that same concept, Urban Aeronautics has announced completion of the first phase of flight testing of the company's Airmule single-engine, vtol cargo and medevac drone (formerly the Mule).