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Synonyms for meddling

the act or an instance of interfering or intruding

given to intruding in other people's affairs

Synonyms for meddling

the act of altering something secretly or improperly


Related Words

intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner

References in classic literature ?
I cannot consent to lose you: I must go with you, or come to you; and there are meddling fools elsewhere, as well as here.
A wicked and a troublesome meddling is that, with the business of One who has not made His creatures to be herded, like oxen, and driven from field to field, as their stupid and selfish keepers may judge of their need and wants.
Meddling starts life within that sphere off an intriguing mark of 66, which looks about right given her recent Salisbury trespasses.
Museveni said Chinese lending is also "completely free of the usual meddling and high-handedness of some of the friends from outside".
The overwhelming impression is that management meddling in the hiring process is alive and well in the American workplace.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The settlement of the Syrian crisis is completely possible if the West and certain Middle Eastern countries stop meddling in Syria's internal affairs, President Bashar Assad said.
Arab League Chief Amr Moussa stressed Thursday that his remarks on the internal situation in Egypt cannot be considered meddling in the domestic affairs of the country, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Friday.
Kiev accused Moscow yesterday of meddling in its internal affairs, a day after Russia's armed forces chief warned of military steps in reaction to Georgia's and Ukraine's desire to join NATO.
He called for lessening Turkey's onerous restrictions on the press and spoke out against its meddling in the affairs of the Armenian Orthodox Church.
THE ART OF amateur pyrotechnics may be in danger, thanks to some recent meddling by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
This meddling, which fattens the burgeoning federal deficit, is also going global.
Officials at Catholic Charities had argued that the law amounts to intrusive state meddling in religious matters.
Quite why Ms Stuart should object to meddling in the NHS when she is quite content to allow Brussels to meddle in virtually every other aspect of domestic policy is not explained.
I think it is time Scargill stopped meddling in these kind of matters.
The breadth of the ongoing mental meddling taking place in American society and chronicled by this book will be eye-opening for even the most cynical and jaded politicos.