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(golf) the winner at medal play of a tournament

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Jason Kenny, a gold medal winner in the team sprint alongside Hoy and Jamie Staff in Beijing, qualified second in the final heat behind Peter Mitchell.
Records of the US Olympic Committee show Rockefeller was the oldest American medal winner, a USOC spokeswoman said.
Hughes Duboscq of France, a bronze medalist in men's 100-meter breaststroke at the Athens Olympics, is among the four reigning Olympic medal winners who will compete in the national short course championships next month, the Japan Swimming Federation said Thursday.
In fact Idlerock Romanian Pinot Noir 1998, with a bronze, was the only medal winner noted as providing great value, not surprisingly considering its pounds 3.
Bronze medal winners from Kazakhstan were Rustam Svaev (75 kg) and Alexei Sevastyanov (91 kg).
GOLDEN girl Lizzy Yarnold let the side down as Team GB's Olympic medal winners went to Downing Street yesterday.
DOUBLE paralympic gold medal winner Nigel Murray has visited Warwick University to try out the new fitness equipment for disabled people at the campus sports centre.
SQL Sentry Plan Explorer was named as gold medal winner of the "2011 Editors' Best Awards" and silver medal winner of the "2011 Community Choice Awards" in the Best Free Tool category.
Under set criteria the individual medal winners will get Rs7,000 for gold medal, Rs5,000 for silver and Rs3,000 for bronze medalists while in team event Rs50,000 for team gold winner, Rs30,000 for silver and Rs20,000 for bronze medal winner.
WINNERS: Marla Hornbrook, 13 (Wrexham); bronze winner Joseph Corner, 10 (Liverpool); gold medal winner Reanne Racktoo, 15 (Bury); silver medal winner Samantha Bate-Johnson, 17 (Southport); and Jayne Massey, 13 (Liverpool)
Official stamps will be issued to celebrate every Team GB gold medal winner - and they can all be collected in this unique keepsake.
Hungarian violinist Barnabas Kelemen was the gold medal winner of the Sixth Quadrennial Violin Competition of Indianapolis in September 2002, receiving $30,000 and a twenty-four-carat gold medal.
He also was SFSA president from 1966-69, SFSA Gold Medalist in 1970, Gray and Ductile Iron Founders' Society Gold Medal winner in 1973, and William J.
Isotonix Champion Blend is an amazing product that has helped other world-class athletes compete at high levels," said Cheek, who became America's first multiple medal winner during the 2006 Winter Games by taking the gold medal in the 500 meter and silver medal in the 1000 meter races.
0D REn; and Emily Llewellyn, a gold medal winner at the Young Rider European Championships, will take the wheel of the totally new Impreza 2.