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Synonyms for mechanize

equip with armed and armored motor vehicles

make monotonous


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make mechanical

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If you can mechanize, you can remove a person from an area that has certain dangers and put him in a much safer working environment.
The inability of some South African operations to mechanize successfully is often blamed on operator skill and literacy levels, yet our studies highlight the problems as being a lack of skill and reluctance to change at the supervisory level through to the senior ranks within mining operations," said Andre O Smit, operational manager, Sandvik trans4mine.
In contrast, Neth argues that throughout the first 40 years of this century, northern farmers resisted the pressure from government and agricultural business to extensively capitalize and mechanize their production.
Iran Agricultural Mechanization Development Center tends to buy 500 special rice tractors from Japan`s Toyota Company to mechanize the different processes of rice cultivation, Abbas Ali Paknejad said.
Carnegie Cooke's Brazilian subsidiary has been granted the right by the Brazilian Association of Jockey Clubs and the endorsement of the Brazilian Government to mechanize Jockey Club facilities, and to implement international simulcast racing throughout Brazil.
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