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a philosopher who subscribes to the doctrine of mechanism

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The only way we can remain reductive mechanists is by holding on to mechanistic categories in their abstraction.
Mechanists have embraced cybernetic technologies, prosthetics, software-brain manipulations, plug-ins, hardware gear, and neuromechanical enhancements as a means to obtaining amplified talents and gratifications.
In my view, as a quantum physicist, the burden of proof ought to be reversed: it is not the advocates of a more holistic point of view who should be obliged to convince those who argue for an analytical/mechanistic approach of the necessity of additional structures of relationships; on the contrary, the mechanists ought to explain why the more complex structure of relationships that undoubtedly exists at the foundations, and is well-known to us from physics, should remain so totally invisible.
Indeed, mechanists have expected that technological progress would enable us to fathom life's mysteries by stimulating our capacity to mimic God's handiwork.
The traditional opposition between mechanists and vitalists was already dissolving when Newtonian physics gave way to quantum theory at the very small scales of elementary particles, and to general relativity at the large scales of planetary motion.
Reconciling the traditional arguments between mechanists and humanists, he says that there is indeed a mechanism in behavior, negative feedback control, but it is capable of having inner purposes in the full humanistic sense.
But the vice of blindness which the creationists attributed to Ransom's mechanists, I would argue, was not theirs alone.
No scholastic would have tolerated a reductive explanation of form in mechanistic terms, and this explains why the doctrine of substantial form--along with the doctrine of real qualities--was such a prominent target for early modern mechanists.
In brief, the dominant modernist philosophy was an if-then philosophy in a tradition from Descartes and mechanists to Russell and logical positivists.
Uniloy Milacron's shuttle solutions center for North America, FGH Systems, Denville NJ, developed the mold design, the trim/punch mechanists for creating the tab, and the modifications to Uniloy Milacron BW6000DE shuttle blow molding machines for folding and locking the hanging tab securely into a recess in the bottom of the bottles.
16) Mechanists may find in evolution a warrant for exploitative emulousness, but monotheism finds in the same biological fact a history of struggle and triumph, symbiosis, hardship, and creative emergence, whose imperatives are empathy, celebration, intellectual wonderment, and moral regard.
It is time perhaps from the skilled workers such as mechanists, architectures, electricians, etc.
As he describes the man brought in to do the next pantomime and the help he receives--"his own master carpenter, a new assistant, mechanists, additional pantomime actors in pantaloon and clown & c.
Domenico Bertoloni Meli argues that the influence of Gassendi on Malpighi distinguished his work from that of his mentor Borelli, and Anita Guerrini differentiates in broad strokes the various, different emphases that characterize the medical mechanists from Borelli to Pitcairne.
We now know that eighteenth-century mechanists were mistaken in supposing the world to be made of clockwork, and a twentieth-century repetition of their overconfidence does not seem likely to prove any more lasting.
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