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the technical aspects of doing something

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But I could not shake them as I had shaken the mechanics in their employ.
Why, I'm no mechanic,--I never pretended to be--but I've thought of a thing or two that the mechanics never thought of, and it's made a fine difference in our returns.
Later she went to stay with her daughter, who had also married a mechanic and lived in Covington, Kentucky, across the river from Cincinnati.
Here was a patent--"the most valuable single patent ever issued"--and yet the invention itself was so simple that it could be duplicated easily by any smart boy or any ordinary mechanic.
The fact about Drawbaugh is that he was a mechanic in a country village near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
The assiduous merchant, the laborious husbandman, the active mechanic, and the industrious manufacturer, -- all orders of men, look forward with eager expectation and growing alacrity to this pleasing reward of their toils.
THE WANDERING BAND of trappers was well received at Monterey, the inhabitants were desirous of retaining them among them, and offered extravagant wages to such as were acquainted with any mechanic art.
Had I been in a situation to instruct them in any of the rudiments of the mechanic arts, or had I manifested a disposition to render myself in any way useful among them, their conduct might have been attributed to some adequate motive, but as it was, the matter seemed to me inexplicable.
So I suggest that my friend the Tin Woodman, who is a skillful mechanic, shall build some sort of a machine, with good strong wings, to carry us; and our friend Tip can then bring the Thing to life with his magical powder.
THE Warden of a Penitentiary was one day putting locks on the doors of all the cells when a mechanic said to him:
The sturdy hind now attends the levee of his fellow-labourer the ox; the cunning artificer, the diligent mechanic, spring from their hard mattress; and now the bonny housemaid begins to repair the disordered drum-room, while the riotous authors of that disorder, in broken interrupted slumbers, tumble and toss, as if the hardness of down disquieted their repose.
He noticed the mechanic waiting, as he himself was waiting-- but still on the opposite side of the street.
The mechanic crossed the road, and went into the eating-house.
He trod the pavement heavily with his shiny boots, and his general get-up was that of a well-to-do mechanic in business for himself.
The First Secretary of the Embassy, from his occasional excursions into the field of American humour, had formed a special notion of that class of mechanic as the embodiment of fraudulent laziness and incompetency.