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Devolution of command from humans to mechanical devices, as in the case of Russia's doomsday machine, is the stuff of science fiction, not of responsible superpowers.
The two alternatives are manpower or mechanical devices, such as a lever bar or hydraulic or pneumatic infeed.
Code defines a tracking device as an electronic or mechanical device that permits the tracking of the movement of a person or object.
Notice 2004-54 allows return preparers to sign original returns, amended returns or extension requests by the following alternative methods: (1) rubber stamp, (2) mechanical device or (3) computer software program.
1), is about a mechanical device (the STAN monitor) designed to correct the flaws of another mechanical device (the standard electronic fetal monitor).
Foam passes on a conveyor belt through a metal separator and then is sorted from rigid plastics with a mechanical device developed by Salyp with Central Material Handling Systems in Groveland, Ill.
The mechanical device precisely replicates traditional manual suturing techniques using standard suture needles and standard sutures, but the sharp point of the needle is never exposed.
The SiTime silicon resonator is an electro-statically driven mechanical device that has ppm performance similar to consumer grade quartz products and orders of magnitude better than today's best silicon clock oscillators.
Tenders are invited for Parts of railway locomotives, tram motor carriages and rolling stock; fasteners and fittings and parts thereof; mechanical devices for traffic control code SC 016: 2010-30.
The NIST reader uses only 12 actuators -- the mechanical devices that form Braille letters.
Instead, they were mechanical devices which aided in the presentation of an allegorical construct.
For more than a decade, surgical treatments, mechanical devices, and self-injections have been available.
Besides mechanical devices, the use of gestures, head nods, and the like as appropriate communication aids was also explored.