mechanical advantage

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the ratio of the force exerted by a machine to the force applied to it

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In sharp contrast to the coiled steel mainspring, the gas spring's effort comes at a point in the barrel where you don't have much mechanical advantage.
Like the CZ 75, it uses a push-bar rather than a draw-bar, always a mechanical advantage.
De Groot identifies the source of early mechanical knowledge in kinesthetic awareness of mechanical advantage, showing the relation of Aristotle's empiricism to more ancient experience.
That way, you can turn the pulley by hand and use its mechanical advantage to leverage the belt over the lip.
Any mechanical advantage --whether it is a dirt bike or a mountain bike--shrinks the backcountry.
Mechanical advantage is shifted from the slide to the mainspring, resulting in reduced felt recoil.
Should be designed to have the most mechanical advantage possible
In this respect, rotation during movement directs the arms anterior-inferior, even when the individual is slightly forward-leaning to obtain mechanical advantage.
Instead of using multiple gears to change speed, the LFC user varies mechanical advantage by sliding his or her hands up and down the levers.
One of these, called mechanical advantage, measured how much force an animal can transfer to its bite.
Though it does not have the optical benefit of matching, it has a mechanical advantage of allowing an LED string to stay illuminated if any LED breaks in an adjacent string.
Based on the wheel and axle principal, which is a modified form of the lever principal, the effort is applied to the circumference of a wheel which turns the axle so as to raise a weight, the grater the diameter of the wheel the more is the mechanical advantage.
The mechanical advantage of the ratchet wrench lever arm and the threaded shaft enable the unit to be operated at up to full line pressure of 600 to 800 PLI.
Welsh Judo Association National Coach, Craig Ewers says: "Judo works nearly every muscle of the body yet can be practised by young or old due to its guiding principles of using mechanical advantage over force.
Each of these machines makes our work easier, and that assistance is quantified as mechanical advantage (MA).