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lien to secure payment for work and materials in erecting or repairing a building or other structure

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In Decon, a property owned by a borrower (a limited liability company) had a first deed of trust held by the lender, and a junior mechanic's lien held by a third party.
Mechanic's lien attachments, which can be obtained without notice to the owner, are granted as a matter of right if one establishes the elements of a mechanic's lien.
A mechanic's lien is a form of security for contractors in the event they are not paid, Owen said.
713, has conferred upon materialmen, workmen, and certain other groups, the special privilege of asserting a mechanic's lien against real property.
A mechanic's lien is placed on a property to secure wages owed for work performed there.
On June 30, 2010, the Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, reversed a decision of the Circuit Court of Cook County, finding that a contractor's procedural violations of the Home Repair and Remodeling Act ("the Act") (815 ILCS 513/1 et seq) did not preclude the contractor from asserting a mechanic's lien or breach of contract claim.
Suppliers or contractors who have not been paid for rendering services that apply to "fixing, repairing or adding to" a property may file a mechanic's lien against the owner.
Overwhelmingly, the mechanic's lien is in actuality junior and subordinate to the mortgage being foreclosed.
During a two-day trial, the jury heard evidence that Taghilou paid a creditor who had placed a mechanic's lien on the airplane two weeks after the bankruptcy petition was filed.
Kimbel, who has practiced law for more than 15 years, is well versed in construction law and mechanic's lien law, energy-related construction litigation, pipeline construction litigation, commercial and contract litigation, transactional and bankruptcy matters, defense of OSHA and PennDOT claims, and federal government contracting matters.
That had the unintended effect of leading some courts to rule that any violation, no matter how minor, barred a contractor from seeking compensation or asserting any mechanic's lien for his work.
Contractor's License Test Preparation Course through Glendale Community College will cover all aspects of the state examination - principles of contractor licensing laws, the mechanic's lien law and related labor codes of state and local laws and OSHA safety laws - and will include content of the examination, materials needed, test strategy and sample questions, 7 to 10 p.
Exhibits include a performance bond, a payment bond, a bond waiver agreement, a disbursement schedule and a mechanic's lien.
com/research/82d2b3/what_construction) has announced the addition of the "What Construction Lawyers Need to Know About the Interaction Between Bankruptcy Laws and Mechanic's Lien Laws in 2011" audioconference to their offering.