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a strong pointed hook from which the carcasses of animals are hung

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Ashley Burton shows off his personal best 15lb 2oz specimen, which he caught using a luncheon meat hook bait on the Warwickshire Avon.
Allied forces recently discovered a torture chamber with dozens of bodies and meat hooks for impaling victims.
Meat Hook is at Mather's in the east end, at the top of Broughton Street, which is fast rivalling Stockbridge as the capital's hang-out district on the back of recent openings of places such as Burger Meats Bun, Spit/Fire and the Riparian Rooms.
Other notable newcomers are the high-end Chocolate Library in the East Village, local meats from Williamsburg's Meat Hook and Wine at Whole Foods on the Upper West Side.
In the last in the current series, Gerry is forced to confront his past when the team reinvestigate the murder of a doctor, who was found hanging from a meat hook on a butcher's stall at Smith field Market 33 years ago.
Performances are lack lustre and the gag with Peter's harridan wife runs its course well before the hen-pecked fool is strung up on a meat hook minus a few digits.
Performances are lack-lustre and the gag with Peter's harridan wife runs its course well before the hen-pecked fool is strung up on a meat hook minus a few digits.
Peta have shown a dog being pulled with a meat hook through its cheek in its propaganda campaign against angling.
It took place on Mescar Lake and the Maghull schoolboy -who had never seen the lake before -tackled it with a 10mpole and cat meat hook bait to catch 12lb14oz of smallcarp.
NEW YORK, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn's leading butcher, Tom Mylan of the Meat Hook and master mixologist for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, James Moreland have updated the longstanding meat and gin movement with a menu of local ingredients and spring-fresh flavors, to offer consumers the world's first Gin & Meat pairing menu and hands-on educational seminars.
Some of the most grisly testimony in the murder trial of a pig farmer accused of killing 26 women came yesterday with a witness claiming the defendant hung a woman on a meat hook before feeding her to the pigs.
In 2001, a ginger cat was trussed up with plastic cable ties and left hanging from a meat hook in Allerton for up to eight hours.
On the next peg, Kobra Feeders backed John Adamson had a slow start, but landed most of his 18 fish in the last two hours on Method feeder and pellet or meat hook baits for 100-1-0.
However, we must hope those we rely on in Holyrood and Westminster stand up and tell the French where to sling their meat hook.
The 66-year-old retired engineer from Norris Green,picked peg 49 and used cat meat hook bait on a size 12 hook in the bright conditions.