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We are also launching the regional sausage shops so we can provide space for speciality sausages from local producers on our meat counters.
Emma Metcalf-King, Sainsbury's meat counter buyer, said: "Customers in the south west want to be able to enjoy quality produce from local farms and I believe the initiative with Steve Turton will be a great success.
The market has a meat counter, produce, and general merchandise items along with a beer and wine license.
The Certified Angus Beef selection at Meijer makes up its entire meat department, including ground, chuck, steaks, roasts and even custom cuts available at the full-service meat counter.
A need for the program was determined from panel results conducted by Merck, which found that consumers identify staff at the meat counter as experts.
A BANGOR supermarket's meat counter is the best in the UK.
Businessman John Wilkinson bought one for a roast dinner at his local store and asked the meat counter assistant to take out the bone for him.
The white-coated meat counter official at the Sainsbury's store in Colchester Avenue, Cardiff, said he had been told he could not cut up the joint for his own safety.
There is currently a Halal meat counter to the rear and this could be converted to a deli or sandwich bar by any new owner.
I WONDER how many times younger Mail readers have been in the queue at the butcher or waited at the cold meat counter of their local supermarket and have seen one of our senior citizens deliberating as to whether they can afford that extra slice of meat or those extra few sausages from their pension.
Irene Hunter, 55, from Newton Hall, County Durham, who has retired from her job on the meat counter at Sainsburys, went along with her daughter Beverly, 29, a prison officer.
To be built on Carl Court and San Fernando Boulevard in Newhall, the market will include a tortilleria, an expanded meat counter and produce section, said Arturo Tresierras, executive vice president of the chain store.
One consortium hopes to capitalize on that indecision using market research technology that pinpoints purchasing patterns at the meat counter and analyzing the data so the livestock industry can ultimately add value to products in demand.
The new deal means that all beef, showing the Welsh Beef, red dragon logo, stocked in prepacked and on the meat counter, is 100% Welsh 'born and bred' Beef.
Someone bumped into her at the meat counter and minutes later she noticed her purse had gone.