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counter where meats are displayed for sale

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Pete was thrilled to win the nationwide award having already been named Wales' best fish and meat counter winners.
A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said: "Our colleagues who work on the meat counters are all trained to use knives, but some have not received all of the training to safely de-bone a lamb joint.
He said: "Our colleagues that work on the meat counters are all trained to use knives but some have not received all of the training to safely de-bone a lamb joint.
We expect to announce several other major retailers who are following The Food Emporium's lead with certified organic meat counters.
One consortium hopes to capitalize on that indecision using market research technology that pinpoints purchasing patterns at the meat counter and analyzing the data so the livestock industry can ultimately add value to products in demand.
In one photo, the artist shows a little girl playfully sticking her finger in the mouth of a dead pig lying on a meat counter.
The front of a uniform that may have touched laundry contaminated from someone's incision infection or an exudating wound may later touch a damp meat counter as the worker leans forward to pick out a package of ground meat, or perhaps he/she brushes against the check-out counter where little children run their fingers and then put those same little fingers into their mouths or rub their eyes.
My other daughter Irene worked on the meat counter in the 1950s.
There was a time when Britons secretly may have prided themselves on waiting patiently in a queue, whether it was for the bus, at the meat counter or in the high street fashion store.
The meat counter boasts ostrich steaks and ground venison, and buffalo rib-eye steaks and free-range beef, all free of antibiotics and hormones.
We have heard from enough meat counter managers--who weren't happy with us--to know that listeners did it.
In addition to the world's largest restaurant chain, dozens of grocery chains have recognized the consumer's desire for more choice at the meat counter.
I was amazed at the selection and prices, especially at the meat counter.
Both Pavilions and Fresh Fare stores carry a larger selection of products than that found at Vons and Ralphs stores, including full-service bakeries and delicatessens, exotic fruits and vegetables, an expanded selection of wines, a floral department and a service meat counter.
After all, she and her husband are running a business, and they hope the in-store post office will draw prospective customers to their small-town grocery - with its meat counter, produce section and aisles of food and merchandise comparable to what many travel to a supermarket to buy.