meat cleaver

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a butcher's knife having a large square blade

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As a group of restaurant staff began to grapple with Conlon, the meat cleaver fell from his trousers.
Miss Nash's partner, Ashley Kitchen, rushed to her aid and managed to overpower 43-year-old Richards, knocking the meat cleaver from him.
15am four men armed with weapons including a meat cleaver assaulted two men aged 22 and 19 before stealing money from them.
She said: "It's alleged the defendant assaulted Christopher Wilson with a meat cleaver and knife.
The meat cleaver was made of stainless steel and my eyes were fixed on that.
She then produced what Mr Rana described as a meat cleaver from her bag and at that point he backed away into the storeroom.
He said: "Me and my mate had a meat cleaver pulled on us directly opposite Red Pepper.
In fact he was being struck with a large meat cleaver.
He admitted having a meat cleaver in his possession in Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, taking a Ford Fiesta car and driving it dangerously, being over the legal limit and wounding victim Mr Roberts with intent.
Then a friend of the boy from the car showed up with a meat cleaver and proceeded to strike a boy with the cleaver.
A husband who killed his wife with a meat cleaver has been sentenced to death after the couple's children refused to pardon their dad for their mum's murder.
A MASKED thug attacked a man on the street with a meat cleaver.
A MAN has admitted robbing a North Wales off-licence when armed with a meat cleaver.
TWO men terried customers as they burst into a Coventry pub brandishing knives and a meat cleaver, a court heard.