meat cleaver

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a butcher's knife having a large square blade

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He admitted having a meat cleaver in his possession in Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, taking a Ford Fiesta car and driving it dangerously, being over the legal limit and wounding victim Mr Roberts with intent.
She alleged Maleckas produced a small axe or meat cleaver, striking him on the arm as he tried to defend himself.
Humphreys, 45, admitted possessing the meat cleaver in public and damaging Katherine Underwood's front door.
The man threatened them with the meat cleaver and escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.
The meat cleaver was partly visible, tucked down the waistband of his jogging bottoms.
Then a friend of the boy from the car showed up with a meat cleaver and proceeded to strike a boy with the cleaver.
He then used the meat cleaver to sever the woman's limbs and other parts of her body", an official said.
One of the masked men had a meat cleaver and stabbed the man he was chasing.
Quite inexplicably you chose to attack her ferociously with a meat cleaver.
Defendant Stuart Michael Davies, 34, appeared at Mold Crown Court charged with robbery at the Llwyn Ifor convenience store at Tanyfron, near Wrexham, and possessing a meat cleaver as an offensive weapon.
It is alleged that a man entered the takeaway shop armed with a meat cleaver before stealing a mountain bike from inside the shop.
He threatened frightened staff with a meat cleaver in two raids and in his final robbery he was armed with a knife with a six-inch blade.
TWO men terried customers as they burst into a Coventry pub brandishing knives and a meat cleaver, a court heard.
At the same time as Michael Adebolajo used the meat cleaver, Michael Adebowale was using a knife to stab and cut at Lee Rigby's body.
Summary: Two Arab men who attacked an African family at their home over a family dispute, wielding a gun and meat cleaver, were nabbed by the Ajman Police 24 hours after committing the crime.