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The ALMEMO 2590-A Measuring Instrument with Data Logger Function supports the patented ALMEMO System that enables any sensor to be easily connected to any ALMEMO Measuring Instrument through the use of ALMEMO EEPROM plugs.
The user is therefore limited to a single-function meter and it is very difficult to extend the functionality of the measuring instrument.
The Linear 100 with MarCheck offers a more economical alternative to rings and gauge blocks for shop-floor mastering of inner and outer comparative measuring equipment, 2-point measuring instruments, inside calipers, and dial comparator snap gauges.
The new temperature and humidity measuring instruments Testo 622 and Testo 623 provide a fast overview of humidity, temperature and pressure, at a glance.
Revenues for Shimadzu's Analytical and Measuring Instruments segment were a highlight for the company.
The new CD-ROM "Product Catalog 2007" informs the user on the wide range of mechanical and electronic pressure and temperature measuring instruments as well as the extensive service backup provided by WIKA.
For this reason, a reference standard of similar material and surface may be necessary to calibrate the measuring instrument.
In fiscal 2007, Shimadzu forecasts Analytical and Measuring Instrument sales to increase 4.
SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company is pleased to announce its new service to help businesses comply with the European Measuring Instrument Directive [MID] 2004/22/EC.
Showing LayerGauge optical off-line measuring instrument, which uses white light to measure individual layer thicknesses in transparent or semi-transparent multilayer films.
These instruments and services are purchased by the measuring instrument industry to manufacture precision voltage measuring devices, such as digital voltmeters.
the results of the verification of funds must be certified by a verification mark, and (or) a certificate of verification, and / or a record in the passport (form) of a measuring instrument certified by the signature of the witness and a verification sign.
The stress at the interface between the test piece and the jig is measured using the company's force measuring instrument, the compression stress relaxometer.
The concept of calibration has generally been associated with statements regarding the accuracy of a standard, gauge, or measuring instrument.
This cone and plate, single point viscosity measuring instrument is said to feature rapid temperature control for sample conditioning without the need for external temperature baths.