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I tell you, a woman 'ull make your porridge every day for twenty years and never think of measuring the proportion between the meal and the milk--a little more or less, she'll think, doesn't signify.
I'd made a frame for a screen for Miss Lyddy--she's allays making something with her worsted-work, you know--and she'd given me particular orders about this screen, and there was as much talking and measuring as if we'd been planning a house.
My gaze was on the red fire; my heart was measuring its own content; it sounded and sounded, and found the depth fathomless.
Canst thou go through the forests measuring the bases and calculating the centres of the oaks?
The fact is, that Raoul, uninfluenced by devotion, measuring the risk they run, saw how imminent the danger was, but he willingly allowed himself to accept a peril which De Wardes had declined.
Ledoux, at a slender tree which stood at the end of a lane, opposite to the inn, and seemed to be measuring its distance from his extended arm and secretly wishing that, since the subject had been introduced, propriety did not forbid a little speculative pistol-practice.
So he waited, waving his head from right to left, and measuring the precise spot in Kala Nag's fat side where a blunt tusk could sink deepest.
This truth and justice men presently endeavor to make application of to the measuring of land, the apportionment of service, the protection of life and property.
For example, that Henry of Navarre, when a Protestant baby, little thought of being a Catholic monarch; or that Alfred the Great, when he measured his laborious nights with burning candles, had no idea of future gentlemen measuring their idle days with watches.
The NI is a psychometrically sound 10-item instrument developed from a pool of 33-items measuring different aspects of night-sky related psychological phenomena, i.
There were also new hardware and software products for measuring mechanical and thermal properties, vision inspection, coordinate measuring, and fast, non-destructive wall-thickness measuring for molded and extruded products.
Depending on the method of measuring used, home buyers could be paying up to a 25% premium for non-livable space, according to the city's brokers.
Ask the soldier to place the measuring tape along the inside of his leg as high as possible.
In turn, some researchers have explored approaches to measuring and testing "hardship" indicators (e.