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It can record 50 measuring points with a linear position transducer.
For the past five years or so, others have been measuring square footage based on even more illusory methods--calculating "gross square footage" by throwing the space of outside areas like the terrace or common areas in the building itself, such as the hallway, elevator, or lobby, into the count.
Skandia realized that its traditional profit-and-loss statements reflected the past and measured tangible assets, while not addressing and measuring the future potential of its human capital.
2), the measuring system, which is based on a trigonometric technique, is suggested.
The velocity values derived from the contact method for measurement depend on the thickness measurement, which is measured separately from velocity and inputted into the measuring device for calculation.
Measuring the indirect and direct costs of acute otitis media.
To put the matter simply, library assessment, like public school assessment and higher education accreditation, is shifting from measuring outputs to measuring outcomes.
This penultimate article shows techniques for measuring payback on the resources and time employed to create and support the SLA.
One large company had no fewer than 12 distinctly different standards for defining and measuring web thickness; each gave slightly different numbers.
Their intimate knowledge of the technical difficulties involved in measuring student achievement makes a number of these testing experts some of the most vocal (and persuasive) opponents of testing.
By measuring the effect of communication, you can predict how changes in communication programs may affect the overall organization.
Politicians, voters, and many educators have come to a rough agreement that improving schools must involve measuring how much students learn and holding schools accountable for those students who fail.
The regulations implement the changes in performance measures mandated by the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 and provide the general outline for measuring performance on both an organizational (program) and employee-by-employee basis.