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Synonyms for measurable

Synonyms for measurable

capable of being measured

of distinguished importance

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The effect of any writing on the public mind is mathematically measurable by its depth of thought.
In "Healthy People 2020: Midcourse Review," which the National Center for Health Statistics released in January, researchers found that of about 800 objectives with measurable data, more than 27 percent had met or exceeded their 2020 targets, while nearly 24 percent were improving and about 14 percent of measurable objectives got worse.
It is important to answer this question because, to any sigma algebra on B(H), a particular type of operator valued measurable functions is corresponded.
Besides, we prove that the set of all [tau]- measurable functions f : [OMEGA] [right arrow] M forms an involutive complex algebra and is closed under the point wise limit.
Would it be better to design a critical care unit that emphasizes efficiency and standardization in pursuit of measurable, disease-based outcomes that does not attend to the individual needs of whole persons within the context of their particular families and communities?
In a practical business sense, my firm uses the term "green" to mean architectural strategies for buildings that increase net profits with a measurable payback of three years or less by providing new sources of revenue or reducing operating expenses.
Peyton Eggleston, a professor of pediatrics and immunology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, said, "We [also] need an intervention study that will take a damp building, remediate it, and show in a rigorous scientific way that there is both a measurable environmental impact and a measurable health impact.
fourth graders, no measurable changes were detected in average math and science scores between 1995 and 2003.
Although there is a strong focus on the need for communication to support business objectives, what is critical are measurable objectives for specific communication efforts.
This 2-hour audio and visual CD-ROM will provide an in-depth look at the measurable goals for the six minimum control measures under the Phase II of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit (NPDES) Program of the 1987 Amendment to the Clean Water Act.
Utilizing results from the public opinion research, camp outcomes research, new professional development initiatives, and collaboration with outside resources, the NSB is working on development of a new tiered program that facilitates the progression of camp programs and camps toward measurable and recognizable levels of competence and excellence.
A surprise shower dampened Los Angeles on Tuesday in the first measurable August rainfall in a decade.
The project must actually yield measurable bottom-line results for the client and, equally important, the client must develop the ability to sustain those benefits.
The costs of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and associated testing are also readily measurable.