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an inquiry into the financial position of someone applying for financial aid

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An income-based means test that reduced the average Social Security benefit for this group by $4,900 would reduce benefits by about 30 percent on average.
The recommended means test has not been universally accepted, and in some circumstances can result in a special guardian receiving more in allowances and benefits than a foster carer.
The Labour TD added: "The lowest rate of entitlement that can arise from the application of means test rules varies.
It mandates that judges measure ability to pay using a mechanized objective formula known as the means test (32) and severely limits judicial discretion to adjust means test results.
Mr Wesbroom calculates that once you have taken into account the loss of housing benefit and the like that go with being marginally "too rich" to qualify for Mr Brown's pension credits anyone who falls foul of the means test faces the equivalent of 40 per cent tax on their private pension.
To determine the means test, a bankruptcy court is authorized to use IRS-published expense standards; however, these standards are for tax purposes only and may differ from those established by a bankruptcy court.
Chapter 13 bankruptcies also have changed to include a means test, and debtors are now subject to dismissal for failure to meet their tax obligation after filing a petition.
If means testing is reduced (see Appendix), by replacing some or all of the pension credit with a universal benefit, then the gainers are the people who currently do not receive much of the pension credit because of the means test.
One Tory MPP with reservations on the bill due to its lack of a parental means test absented himself from the vote; but this was balanced by one opposition MPP, Liberal Monte Kwinter, who voted in favour in accordance with the wishes of his Jewish constituents in York Centre.
Under the means test, no one with an income above 80 percent of a state's median income can have debt eliminated through Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, which allows debtors a clean slate--free of debt.
People accepted into the Avonex Access Program meet the means test and are either underinsured (no drug benefits) or have no insurance.
Failure to Enact a Means Test for Regulated Apartment Properties: Rent laws are in effect a rent subsidy, and it is right and proper that tenants benefitting from such aid pass a means test to assure that these benefits go to those who need them.
A ThE means test will be based on half the money in the joint account.
Why can't a similar means test be applied to MPs when it comes to expenses?