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an inquiry into the financial position of someone applying for financial aid

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The recommended means test has not been universally accepted, and in some circumstances can result in a special guardian receiving more in allowances and benefits than a foster carer.
And the question of whether any modestly paid person is better off in this scheme facing a means test, or out of it altogether, requires highly individual advice.
The means test has a substitution effect because it is, in effect, a tax on the marginal consumption of the retired people who face it.
For instance, all secured debt--on such things as house and car payments--is deducted from income under the means test.
PSI's program has no set upper-income limit, but there is a means test.
Failure to Enact a Means Test for Regulated Apartment Properties: Rent laws are in effect a rent subsidy, and it is right and proper that tenants benefitting from such aid pass a means test to assure that these benefits go to those who need them.
A ThE means test will be based on half the money in the joint account.
The Dynamic Means Test Calculator is free to use by downloading the online single case program.
Every pensioner using the centres who doesn't pass the new means test will have to pay pounds 84.
So to cut benefits without imposing a means test is quite honestly the only way the Government can proceed.
Yet today the Sunday Mirror reveals that his Chancellor is plotting to means test it as well as slashing vital Cold Weather Payments for the most needy elderly.
The Criminal Defence Service (CDS) Bill introduces a new means test for criminal cases in the magistrates' courts.
Now the financial ombudsman, no less, Walter Merricks, has warned that he might quite possibly uphold a complaint from someone who claimed to have been mis-sold a savings package that later failed him a means test.
Even greater savings could be realized by applying the global means test to entitlements conveyed through the tax code.