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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency

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Until this moment I had looked upon the valley as my grave, for I had seen no possibility of getting out of it alive, but now I took courage and began to devise a means of escape.
I could not hope to get off with any thing less than the severest punishment, and being placed beyond the means of escape.
So terribly had the old hag played upon the girl's fears that she felt fully certain that the Baron was quite equal to his dire threat, and so she had again been casting about for some means of escape or delay.
I looked about for some means of escape from my bonds.
He would gladly have forgone any designs he might have had upon Jane Clayton would she but permit him to share this means of escape that she had discovered.
She added two possible means of escape had been raised at trial - they get out of the car and leave Fortunestown Road on foot or that the Jeep reverse as advised by the Garda Air Support Unit.
The increase could be a consequence of people staying indoors more because of the recession, or it might be being used by men in particular as a means of escape from an already unhappy relationship," he added.
It is true that the regulations relating to means of escape in case of fire are much more rigorous in public buildings than in domestic dwellings, however much has been done to reduce the risk in houses recently.
Paying passengers are the end user in cruise ships and the lack of secondary means of escape from cabins ought to be carefully considered as a safety issue.
Spectators were evacuated on to the pitch but many turned the other way only to find exit doors which were locked or toilets which provided no means of escape.
Malcolm Rose started writing stories as a means of escape when studying for his chemistry DPhil.
If the fire had carried on, with these two teenagers without means of escape, it could potentially have been quite serious.
Alyn added: The ones that concern both the fire service and the council are those landlords who do not make the effort to install and maintain fire alarms, fire doors along with ensuring a safe and secure means of escape in the event of a fire occurring.
FORTRESS INTERLOCKS has developed the AutoLokp (power to lock) solenoid interlock to provide a means of escape from potentially dangerous areas such as robot cells, cold stores and warehouse bays.
Identifying a means of escape is also specified, drawing guidance more in line with Part B of the Building Regulations which considers fire safety for all users of a building.