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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency

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I could not hope to get off with any thing less than the severest punishment, and being placed beyond the means of escape.
The body count rises and the distraught revellers search for a means of escape from the bloodbath.
The increase could be a consequence of people staying indoors more because of the recession, or it might be being used by men in particular as a means of escape from an already unhappy relationship," he added.
It is true that the regulations relating to means of escape in case of fire are much more rigorous in public buildings than in domestic dwellings, however much has been done to reduce the risk in houses recently.
If the fire had carried on, with these two teenagers without means of escape, it could potentially have been quite serious.
Alyn added: The ones that concern both the fire service and the council are those landlords who do not make the effort to install and maintain fire alarms, fire doors along with ensuring a safe and secure means of escape in the event of a fire occurring.
Industrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has developed the AutoLokP (power to lock) solenoid interlock to provide a means of escape from potentially dangerous areas such as robot cells, cold stores and warehouse bays.
SCHOEFTLAND, Switzerland, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- pro adicta facilitates the treatment of addiction to opioids such as heroin and methadone by means of escape, an innovative method of treatment using neuroelectric stimulation.
Spectators were evacuated on to the pitch but many turned the other way only to find exit doors which were locked or toilets which provided no means of escape.
During the Civil War, the Union Army was a means of escape from slavery.
Many of these deaths and injuries occurred in second- and third-story residences where a secondary means of escape was not available.
The Romantics, with their yearning for the beauty of nature, the remote and the mysterious, used them as a means of escape.
When it starts to seep into our only means of escape, it becomes difficult to have any degree of hope for the future.
Police Commission, at the urging of Commissioner Alan Skobin, acknowledged our concerns about its proposed blanket prohibition against shooting at moving vehicles by amending the language to allow for factoring in situations in which ``the officer's life or the lives of others were in immediate peril and there was no reasonable or apparent means of escape.
In 1791, she, her husband, children and a group of others, stole an open boat and sailed to the Dutch East Indies as a means of escape from the colony.