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Synonyms for meanly

in a nasty ill-tempered manner


in a despicable, ignoble manner

in a miserly manner


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The meanly vigilant eyes of the man in plain clothes traveled sidelong from Julian to Mercy, and valued her beauty as they had valued the carpet and the chairs.
The man who is telling the story has a proverbial great advantage; but I hope the reader knows enough of me by this to believe that I am far from meanly availing myself of it in this narrative.
But let us leave him there; for he will surely find some one to help him, and if not, let him suffer and hold his tongue who attempts more than his strength allows him to do; and let us go back fifty paces to see what Don Luis said in reply to the Judge whom we left questioning him privately as to his reasons for coming on foot and so meanly dressed.
I confess I have often meanly shrunk from confessing to these accomplished and acute gentlemen what my own experience has been.
The youth delivers himself in chosen language, such as is seldom heard in these hills, and such as occasions great surprise to me, how one so meanly clad, and following so lowly a pursuit, could attain.
said he, disdainfully, "monseigneur lodged his grandeur very meanly here.
The boy looked so blithe and buoyant, so gallant and still so frank, that even now I could not think as meanly of him as poor Eva did.
I crave no weapon, but let me not be meanly hanged this day.
I was sick for a couple of days, meanly sick, and my arms were painfully poisoned from the barnacle scratches.
The discussions focused on issues hindering the accurate filling of tax records including timely payment of taxes by taxpayers meanly in the Medium and Large Tax sectors.
deal relatively did that, if it did not exactly meanly a surrender to the US.
Deleted my tweets about a certain performance because it was made in humour but taken way more meanly than intended.
Though they are gathered in a meanly lit room, the women are industrious: very long or thin strand of nylon is placed on each other in glorious tapestries.
We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best, hope of earth.
Children can see for themselves how Polar Bear and his friends were happy to offer a helping hand to those in need despite having been treated meanly by others.