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the quality of having great value or significance

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Heidegger locates language not simply in human beings and their faculties, but in the event (Ereignis) of being (in the post-metaphysical sense as "beyng," Seyri) that reciprocally involves human receptivity to meaningfulness as well as a dynamic of meaning constitution beyond human control.
Passionate music-lovers often get a great sense of meaning through sharing music, supporting musicians and using music to add meaningfulness to events or experiences.
There is a direct relationship between the meaningfulness of tasks and organizational commitment of staff.
Let me put it this way: If we look at the people in history who achieved great things, it wasn't because they wanted to bathe luxuriously in their own sense of meaningfulness.
At another level, as Nicholas's life is raised up as one full of meaning, so the meaningfulness of all of life--both actual and potential--is represented and raised up.
However, as Wilkinson (1) highlights, this apparently great result is useless for the interpretation of the clinical meaningfulness of the effect of the administered treatment.
The ten contributions follow a consistent framework for evaluating the new participatory procedures on inclusiveness, meaningfulness, legitimacy, quality of deliberation, effectiveness, citizen enlightenment, and democratic education.
According to the above table, the fixed amount and coefficient B related to each variable in the general model regarding to the meaningfulness level have been decided.
The new research by Christine Jacobs of University of Cologne and colleagues, found that a transformational leadership style, which conveys a sense of trust and meaningfulness and individually challenges and develops employees, could lead to greater employee well-being.
Rituals that bring people together and support the meaningfulness of their lives (meaningfulness).
Perhaps the most well-known model of intrinsic motivation comes from Hackman and Oldham's Job Characteristics Theory (1976), which says that there are three psychological states that we seek in our work: meaningfulness, knowledge of outcomes, and a level of responsibility.
instructs us that a text is not a sequence of words, of syntactic forms enunciating, communicating any single decidable meaning (or even constellation of meanings), [its] repudiation of meaningfulness is put in unmistakable terms.
In this research, we adopt Spreitzer's (1995) definition of psychological empowerment as "increased intrinsic task motivation manifested in a set of four cognitions reflecting an individual's orientation to his or her work role: competence, impact, meaningfulness and self-determination.
Happiness, as measured by "satisfaction, feelings of meaningfulness, stress, and schedule flexibility," was 57 percent of the final score.