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the quality of having great value or significance

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Further, employees who experience meaningfulness at work will view their work as important, place great value on their work, and develop greater AC (Geldenhuys, Laba, & Venter, 2014).
When management takes a real interest in employees and engender a deep understanding about the meaningfulness of their work, it empowers people to do more and more.
Focusing on the core need for the existence of purpose in our lives, in order to be happy, she stressed that we need to aim for meaningfulness by creating a higher purpose for sustainable happiness.
The survey will examine the meaningfulness of the fieldwork through items such as the students' perceptions of being active decision makers and feeling that the fieldwork was educational and promoted professional and personal growth.
Meaningfulness is presumably both a cognitive and an emotional assessment of whether one's life has purpose and value (Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker, & Garbinsky, 2013) and may therefore often entail understanding one's life beyond the here and now, integrating future and past(Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker & Garbinsky, 2013).
We propose that encouraging employees to voice their concerns, grievances and opinions can enhance their work meaningfulness and intrinsic motivation which, in turn, enhances overall creativity.
Although Epstein's typology and the Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler model are established models that help frame our understanding of what parental involvement is and what enhances (or impedes) parental involvement, they do not inform about what determines the meaningfulness of parental involvement.
For meaningfulness, what comes next after counting?
Inam ul Haq javed's poetry is the quality of humor and its meaningfulness, the wit and wisdom which highlight the serious social malaise in a lighter vein.
The reliability of SOC13 was also assessed, and the measured Cronbach's alpha for domains of meaningfulness, manageability, and comprehensibility were 0.
Philip Kitcher constructs an original and persuasive secular perspective, one that answers human needs, recognizes the objectivity of values, and provides for the universal desire for meaningfulness.
1990) conceptualized four components of empowerment to include meaningfulness, competence, impact and choice.
It is this progressive coming to terms with the fundamentally language-embedded nature of human receptivity to meaningfulness that, from the mid-1980s onward, informs the famously performative and experimental nature of Heidegger's later discourse.
A 2010 study found that the meaningfulness of music increased generally with age and particularly during times of hardship or difficult life experience because it was a source of comfort, distraction, shared experience, healing and empowerment.
Work dimensions create three critical psychological aspects that are meaningfulness, accountability for results and knowledge of results.