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Synonyms for meaningful

Synonyms for meaningful

effectively conveying meaning, feeling, or mood

conveying hidden or unexpressed meaning

Antonyms for meaningful

having a meaning or purpose

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Best Practices for Credit Risk Disclosure identifies the credit risk information that market participants and supervisors need to meaningfully assess banking organizations.
However, he added, "the United States will not assume binding obligations unless key developing nations meaningfully participate in this effort.
With Belmont Home we were driven by both the desire to contribute meaningfully to a community that is very important to us and to take advantage of a worthwhile business opportunity.
Not only did I predict that in their own unique and individual ways they would meaningfully enrich, enhance and augment our appreciation of the construct of empowerment, I also anticipated that collectively they would ignite further, extensional thoughts and considerations.
Members of this highly selective organization have a demonstrated track record of success taking entrepreneurial ideas and turning them into successful businesses that meaningfully contribute to the regional economy.
Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore noted that he had previously expected Ethereum mining revenue for graphics vendors to decelerate meaningfully starting in Q4.
Drawing upon experience-tested, research-based strategies, Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully discusses the common learning characteristics of students with learning difficulties, how to focus on the most important mathematical concepts and get the "big ideas" across, lesson plans and practical tactics for directly addressing students' learning barriers, how to analyze and improve one's own strengths and weaknesses, and much more.
We were able to realize a significant gain upon the conclusion of our re-tenanting program, while maintaining our ability to meaningfully participate in the future upside potential of the property.
Moore, who died of AIDS in 2002 at age forty-eight, employed an elementary school affability toward ends both macabre and slapstick, expressive of the vast humor required to grapple meaningfully with such tropes of our contemporary apocalypse as wanton materialism, the degradation of the biosphere, disease, and the Faustian bargains struck in the biological sciences.
Most of these people shouldn't be dead yet,'' Tru is told meaningfully, but, ``there's nothing you can do about it.
traveled to New York from around the world, responding to the invitation of the President of the General Assembly, but found themselves unable to participate meaningfully or share their expertise with delegates, contrary to the General Assembly's own resolution which called for involvement of civil society in the development of a Declaration of Commitment to be signed by all 189 UN member states in June.
For example, although TEI agrees that there should be additional incentives for promoters, advisers, and taxpayers to meaningfully disclose select transactions, the Institute is very much concerned about the Treasury's new proposal to make senior corporate officers personally liable for misstatements on the disclosure form.
First, although change was needed, the complete dismantling of the primary-dealer system--including the responsibility of dealers to make markets for Federal Reserve open market operations and to participate meaningfully in Treasury auctions--would not have been a prudent step.
As a key component of its strategy, the Company intends to meaningfully enhance its visibility to the investment community by further strengthening its reserve base, enacting a corporate name change to eliminate confusion regarding its activities and achieve greater exposure and upside potential through larger working interests in several highly visible resource plays.
Tarzan/John sniffs her, meaningfully taking in her scent; she responds, ``No, this is crazy, you don't - I can't - ''