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Synonyms for meaningful

Synonyms for meaningful

effectively conveying meaning, feeling, or mood

conveying hidden or unexpressed meaning

Antonyms for meaningful

having a meaning or purpose

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Other changes include moving the hospital meaningful use attestation period to a calendar year for 2015, away from the current fiscal year period.
Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 133%, with the top 25 scorers delivering an annual return of nearly 12% - 6.
Our development team has dedicated countless hours to finding easier paths for physicians, like me, to achieve meaningful use.
The inability to upgrade their current EHR product in time to meet meaningful use, or
The financial incentive encouraged us to get in, and we wanted to be the first ones in our area to attest to meaningful use.
CMS's goal is for the definition of meaningful use to be consistent with applicable provisions of Medicare and Medicaid law while continually advancing the contributions certified EHR technology can make to improving health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety.
In December 2010, CMS clarified that hospitals that have not installed an inpatient EHR can still demonstrate meaningful use with information drawn from a system more commonly used as an EDIS, as long as it is certified as a "Complete EHR.
Supporting clients in their effort to achieve Meaningful Use is just the start of long-term partnerships with our clients," said Tina Graham, Chief Operations Officer at SuccessEHS.
For example, the meaningful use regulations require that providers maintain an up-to-date accounting of current and active diagnoses.
Some small practices are having difficulty meeting meaningful use thresholds because other entities aren't exchanging information with them regarding labs and referrals.
All of us who are working to achieve adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) throughout our health care system know that the journey is a long one.
The MO HIT Assistance Center works alongside any EHR vendor to provide the extra help a health care provider needs to successfully adopt and achieve meaningful use of an EHR.
The recent release of the Meaningful Use Final Stage 1 criteria sent a clear message: emergency department participation will be vital to success.
Meaningful work rests on the rise of individualism and identity as pressing concerns for large numbers of people.
Gifted and talented students arrive at the classroom with prior skills that must be utilized to enhance their learning experience in meaningful ways.