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Synonyms for meaningful

Synonyms for meaningful

effectively conveying meaning, feeling, or mood

conveying hidden or unexpressed meaning

Antonyms for meaningful

having a meaning or purpose

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Certification - A crucial aspect of the meaningful use approach is certification of EHR products to ensure that they support the objectives that providers must achieve to qualify for incentive payments.
Speed and efficiency are critical in demonstrating Meaningful Use.
Classroom activities that are perceived as less than meaningful or authentic can stunt student motivation to produce the language.
Choose to open yourself to the things that are the most profoundly meaningful to you, and to fill your moments with powerful purpose.
Burke describes these interruptions as either due to the individual's meaningful actions having no effect on the environment (i.
The section on media images is an excellent resource, and the essays on euthanasia and assisted suicide are especially thought-provoking and serve an a meaningful ground for the continued discussion which must occur on a national level.
During the initial stages of the learning process, form is vital to making meaningful assignments.
For instance, a meaningful relationship with a horse by the very nature of the relationship "naturally" teaches responsibility (through the need for meeting the basic needs of the horse); caring (through the love and caring that develops between horse and rider); respect (through the inevitable acknowledgment that the horse has a mind of his or her own); and honesty (since we can't long portray ourselves as better than we are in our abilities and skills before our personal safety becomes an issue).
Seasons of the Spirit doesn't solve every problem, but it provides a lot of resources and ideas to make Sunday school a meaningful experience.
Without fundamental reform of California's public schools, we will never have a meaningful exit exam.
My American Heritage Dictionary says significant really means having or expressing a meaning, meaningful.
The ensuing discourse in many critical areas reveals the weakness of Muslims in making meaningful and substantive contributions towards a clear understanding of the Islamic position on a number of critical issues, here in the West.
It is important not to exaggerate the importance of the fact that gains may not generalize to other exams, Even if an accountability program produces true, meaningful gains, we would not expect gains on one test to be completely reflected in data from other tests because of the inherent differences across exams.
Parents and children agree they want to spend quality time together, but tend to disagree on what it takes to make family interaction meaningful, according to the National KidsDay Meaningful Time Survey, conducted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.