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Synonyms for meanie

a person of mean disposition

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There will be lots of activities and a seven-foot tallBlue Meanie character who will also be trying to get credit for the Yellow Submarine film from the 1960s.
All of this leads us to believe it's not easy being a green meanie.
But Holly Carson of Sylmar, who owns about a dozen characters and sells collectibles at Holly's Hobbies inside the Country Antique Fair Mall in Saugus, stressed she wouldn't buy a Meanie for a child.
Elsewhere in the episode, it seems that Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) finally convinces Cassidy (Taylor Lautner) to stop killing people, much to the dismay of her fellow Green Meanie, Nurse Hoffel (Kirstie Alley).
Too meanie to get Deeney WATFORD were stunned to receive a bid from QPR for Troy Deeney that was PS3.
The geezer has previous (he was a meanie to his girlf) and has a friend with a motive.
Etherly titles include "Baxter The Bully," "Maxine The Meanie," "When I Fall Asleep" and "Winter Arrives This Summer.
for a special meet and greet with The Blue Meanie, Nova, Thomas Rodman and many other wrestlers.
Liar is the greatest liar ever while Skeleton wears clothes and Meanie is not actually very mean.
Fortunately, ``American Idol'' meanie Simon Cowell had already headed out by the time the band went on, or we're afraid there would have been some cutting remarks about their talents, especially since his show had lost earlier to fellow partygoer Phil Keoghan's ``The Amazing Race.
About 90 people came Saturday to see the likes of The Blue Meanie, Little Nasty Boy, Diafullah the Butcher and Gentleman George Michael, among others.
If I had told the Meanie whatI really thought, I probably would have been arrested.
and fostered tight integration with the Hulk vidgame to make the big, green meanie even bigger.
Draw for Friday's final: 1 Scadna 2 Haughty Ted 3 Saffron Twister 4 Top Power (m) 5 Blue Meanie (m) 6 Bubbly Jubilee (w).
Although Nurse Hoffel (Kirstie Alley) appears to be less interested during the Green Meanie convention, it unlikely that she will just let Wes kill the Chanels.