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Many methods have been used to evaluate mean solar time so far.
I would love to see Voyager 4's Time panel simultaneously show Local Mean Solar Time, Local Apparent Solar Time, Zone Time, Universal Time, and Local Mean Sidereal Time.
mean solar time, the types of time involved in navigation (ephemeral, sidereal, Greenwich Mean and Universal, etc) and the usage of the Nautical Almanac tables for arc-to-time conversions.
Most importantly, the Conference proposed the formulation of a universal day, which would be calculated in terms of mean solar time, or the average measurement of a year's worth of days.
By timing transits--or meridian crossings--of stars with a chronometer set for mean solar time at Greenwich, someone at an undetermined longitude could compare those observations with the transit times for Greenwich published in the Royal Observatory's Nautical Almanac and calculate the local longitude.