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the arithmetic mean of the maximum and minimum distances of a celestial body (satellite or secondary star) from its primary

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Model Sex Human activity Mean distance Mean distance (2) 1 X X X X 2 X X X X 3 X X X X 4 X X X X Sex: Human Mean Mean Model Mean distance (3) activity distance: sedistance (2): sex 1 X 2 X X 3 X X 4 X X X Mean Mean distance: Mean distance (2): Model distance (3): sex Human activity Human activity 1 X X 2 X X 3 X X 4 X X Mean distance (3): Model Human activity [DELTA][AIC.
In all instances, LCA arose from the left posterior aortic sinus and extended to the left behind the pulmonary trunk for a mean distance of 5 mm and divided into anterior interventricular and CX arteries (Fig.
Men and women travel similar distances, but NAEs indicate that women make approximately 10% more social and recreational trip legs than men, although the trip-leg mean distance is shorter (Table 4).
Mean distance was recorded for all polygons within the search radius with p-values < 0.
In this particular case we relate the mean distance to seismic activity of a solid object or heat release of a gas planet.
For runners traveling the mean distance of 241 miles, an increase in distance traveled of 100 miles results in a 15.
Previous studies showed that the mean distance from the RCO to the bottom of the corresponding aortic sinus was 13.
The mean distance between all points of the two alignments of ATOS data is 0.
The delivery would enhance daily locomotive availability from 12 to 16, and the mean distance between failures would be extended from 6 015 km to 7 098 km.
The MCI Commuter Coach continues to grow its reputation in longer-distance public transit express service by offering low cost of ownership; a lower per-seat cost with 42 percent more seating capacity (versus a typical 40-foot transit bus); and an excellent MDBF ( Mean Distance Between Failures) rate, measured as the #1 performer with the fewest failures per vehicle among all bus types.
Data that were not dependent on genetic patterns have shown that juvenile raccoons that disperse can move a mean distance of about 13 km and a maximum of 25 km for females, and a mean of 30 km and maximum of 250-300 km for males (Lynch, 1967; Priewert, 1961; Stuewer, 1943; Tabatabai, 1988).
4,5) Mean distance uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) in the treated eye is around 6/6.
The size of the hot core is as large as 800 times 300 astronomical units (au, 1 au equals to the mean distance of the Sun and Earth; 150 million km).