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the arithmetic mean of the maximum and minimum distances of a celestial body (satellite or secondary star) from its primary

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2 zip codes as percentage of total 1999 Travel distance attributes * Mean distance from HHA 20.
The mean distance of each test location's combined selection index value is the weighted average of the distance between the actual and ideal test location for lint yield (60%) and fiber length (40%) for each of the 21 biplots.
Our results showed that both autotrawl systems reduced the mean distance of the bridles off-bottom and the standard deviation of this distance and increased the symmetry between bridles (Fig.
Averaged across the participants in each age group, the mean distance traveled during the mean reaction time was 31.
The mean distance between the subgroups of U and subgroups of A (0.
The variable costs, directly linked to the servicing, transportation and landing steps (queuing steps excluded) required to accommodate one plane from its origin airport to its destination airport are indeed more or less constant for a given mean distance to the demand location.
The accuracy of our telemetry-based locations was based on mean distance between known locations (through visual contact) and the estimated locations (through triangulation) for 37 different geese, and it was determined to be 179.
2% faster than the average, per year Off-campus parks (evaluated at the mean distance from the university) Grow 3.
Mean distance traveled during incubation recesses, standard deviation of distances, early incubation body mass, and percentage of beaver pond habitat within the feeding range did not explain variation in incubation constancy.
Hellinghausen said ICF has a strategy of consolidating its position as a long-haul carrier, and the success of this policy is reflected in the fact that the mean distance per haul was, at 1,119 kilometers, once again well above the coveted 1,000 kilometer mark.
is the mean distance of the Earth from the Sun--roughly 93 million miles.
The participants controlled well: In Condition 1 the mean distance between cursor and target was -.
We needed to divide mean distance (the numerator in the above example) by maximum possible distance in order to make a fair comparison between treatment BC (maximum distance = 2) and AA and AD (maximum distance = 3).
One planet, he says, lies about one-third of an astronomical unit (AU) - the mean distance between Earth and the sun, nearly 93 million miles -- from the dense star and has an orbital period of 66.