mean deviation

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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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The correlations of Shah (1982) and Gungor and Winterton (1987) gave good agreement with data, with the mean deviation around 17.
The mean deviation between the calculated and the measured Nusselt-numbers is 16%.
Bivariate Probit Estimates Coefficient of QMB Enrollment Standard Instrument Mean Deviation Any Part B Charges (Estimates from Table 3)1 0.
Figures 15a and 15b show the calculated mean deviation index for the fishtail die, the coat hanger die, and the corresponding two dumbbell dies ([L*.
For laboratory I, the greater variation was due to within-run recalibration, which produced blocks of successive samples that were biased when compared with the mean deviation.
Specifically, a plot that compares the mean deviation and actual [CO.
17) Mean at 3 hr [CI] and mean deviation Analyte Mean at 1 hr [CI] from 1 hr [CI] Albumin, g/dL 2.
On a follow up exam only 10 weeks following treatment his peripheral vision had improved from a Mean Deviation of -31.
For all SNPs correlation coefficients for each estimated effect by lactation were calculated, and mean deviation and standard deviation by lactation were calculated and compared using the standardized SNP effects.
For example, a wide variety of criteria are used when interpreting the results from visual field data obtained from SAP, ranging from simple global metrics, such as mean deviation (MD), to more local analyses, such as the glaucoma hemifield test (GHT).
Each of these four additional measures represents a different class of inequality measures (based on transfer principles and decomposability), with the relative mean deviation being the least analytically attractive, and the Theil entropy index being the most.
DFUEL is measured as the absolute mean deviation for a state to the gasoline price mean for all states during a particular year.
The correct specification of the model is shown by the low values of the prediction error variance, that is, the variance of the one-step-ahead prediction errors in the steady state, and by the ratio of the prediction error variance and the mean deviation in squares, which is close to 1.
One of the most commonly used parameter is the arithmetical mean deviation of the assessed profile, [R.
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