mean deviation

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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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These signals were processed later on the PC, considering just the mean deviation to decide whether to perform TDE-DPCM preprocessing or not.
Illustration of the arithmetic mean deviation of the profile Ra [11]
Mean deviation and correlation of the estimated marker effect among lactations Trait Lactation 1 Lactation 2 Milk yield Lactation 1 0.
As Table 4 shows, it is most closely correlated with the relative mean deviation.
Considering all data analyzed earlier and in the present study, the present correlation has been compared to 1736 data points for 24 fluids from 51 sources with a mean deviation of 16.
Weight: The values calculated for mean deviation, standard deviation and coefficient of variation are equal to 10.
Profile Parameter name Roughness Waviness Arithmetic mean deviation of the assessed profile [R.
He introduces safety-related facts and figures, terms, definitions, and information sources, then reviews math concepts such as mode, median, mean deviation, Boolean algebra laws, probability definition and properties, Laplace transforms, and probability distributions.
In order to show the value of each cluster regarding investigated traits, mean deviation percent of each cluster was calculated from the total mean.
Through use of the manufacturers' ISI and MNPTs provided by participants, the absolute mean deviation from mean certified INR with the 5 validation plasmas was 11.
In order to investigate and evaluate the accuracy of the fitting algorithm, the mean deviation was determined by comparing the true values obtained from the original object contour with the reconstructed values obtained from the fitted objects contour.
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