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Fletcher smashed home an unstoppable first-half volley from 20 yards to open the scoring in Manchester United's 3-0 defeat of Everton, but manager Sir Alex Ferguson was distinctly mealymouthed with his praise.
One thing that separates Crooke from more conventional, mealymouthed analysts of the Middle East is his unwillingness to understate this conflict, which he understands as a deadly struggle between two armed camps whose notions of reality are fundamentally irreconcilable.
Viewers on Sunday had several replays of the fracas that decided the match - and although Setanta's mealymouthed Scott Booth sat on the barbed wire, there was no doubt.
Buchloh's attempts at reducing the work to "commodity sculpture" that undoes "not a single discursive frame" (a mealymouthed reiteration of which appears in Art Since 1900, that narrow history of art that fancies itself a responsible textbook).
From the February 25 entry in her journal: "Lowell's class yesterday a great disappointment: I said a few mealymouthed things, a few BU students yattered nothings I wouldn't let my Smith freshmen say without challenge.
Which is not to say, given his age and level of infirmity, that it's wrong but that it shouldn't be so mealymouthed about it.
Even if few people still had memories of Henry Wallace's 1948 presidential bid, progressive seemed too redolent of the left's disdain for mealymouthed corporatist liberalism--a word you'd encounter on Pacifica but not on National Public Radio.
This is the sentiment that downtrodden workers, wearied by mealymouthed compromises, have been longing to hear for years from a trade union leader.
Almost from the moment the mealymouthed and watery version of our national anthem had been delivered, there was a weary acceptance of a total annihilation by the old enemy.
The league's board, with its vague warm and fuzzy agenda, considered Pang a naive videogenic clone who would willingly follow their mealymouthed scripts advocating that clones and humans peaceably coexist.
The Herbmeister is saved from demolition by a washed-up, mealymouthed former race-car driver named Hank Cooper (Bruce Campbell, of "The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr.
Tower's mealymouthed essay noted the importance of integrity in government but warned that citizens should not demand too much from their officials.
This mealymouthed form of words gives no reassurance to RMT members in the front line nor any protection from the possible introduction of driveronly operation.
No action at all on travellers WHAT a useless lot of mealymouthed councillors we have in Birmingham
Yet suggesting taking British passports off terrorist suspects, deservedly rendering them stateless, leads to mealymouthed individuals droning on about their human rights, rather than their human wrongs.