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Synonyms for mealymouthed

hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy

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Buchloh's attempts at reducing the work to "commodity sculpture" that undoes "not a single discursive frame" (a mealymouthed reiteration of which appears in Art Since 1900, that narrow history of art that fancies itself a responsible textbook).
And the SFA later sent a mealymouthed email to fans saying "no income is generated back to the association as a result of telephone charges".
From the February 25 entry in her journal: "Lowell's class yesterday a great disappointment: I said a few mealymouthed things, a few BU students yattered nothings I wouldn't let my Smith freshmen say without challenge.
Which is not to say, given his age and level of infirmity, that it's wrong but that it shouldn't be so mealymouthed about it.
This is the sentiment that downtrodden workers, wearied by mealymouthed compromises, have been longing to hear for years from a trade union leader.
Almost from the moment the mealymouthed and watery version of our national anthem had been delivered, there was a weary acceptance of a total annihilation by the old enemy.
The league's board, with its vague warm and fuzzy agenda, considered Pang a naive videogenic clone who would willingly follow their mealymouthed scripts advocating that clones and humans peaceably coexist.
Ms McKinnell's comments drew the ire of Conservative MP Stewart Jackson, who retorted: "What we had is a mischievous, disingenuous, mealymouthed, patronising, lefty drivel of a speech.
Even her so-called apology to Parliament was just a mealymouthed statement.
There was no mitigation, no mealymouthed excuse about fatigue or not getting the rub of the green.
And the revelation of the Conservative Party''s mealymouthed co-treasurer, the ill-advised, immature and deluded Peter Cruddas, acting like a bordello pimp by offering entrance, hospitality and influence on a sliding scale of charges, has caused the nation to collectively choke on the gall of such misguided political judgement.
There's 650 odd of these mealymouthed, expenses-driven, expensively educated and over-stuffed politicians representing us and for my vote that's 650 too many.
Part of the problem of the game in Britain is that it is mealymouthed.
And while his target of winning the World Cup by 2022 was subject to ridicule, it also made a refreshing change from Sir Trevor Brooking's mealymouthed promise that his grassroots changes might have an effect in a generation or two.
And he blew his top yesterday when he discovered showdown talks between Smith and Burley had resulted in nothing more serious than the release of a mealymouthed statement and promise of a strict new code of conduct to keep Scotland's players in line in the future.