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Synonyms for mealy-mouthed

Synonyms for mealy-mouthed

hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy


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People need more than mealy-mouthed words and promises for the site, and need urgent actionIan Lavery MP
Now the new breed of timid bureaucrats have used every mealy-mouthed device to justify destroying the Clocaenog Forest in the pursue of bankrupt 'green' policies.
This is not some mealy-mouthed matter of political correctness.
Any betrayal of the Spirit of '45 was not the fault of the manifesto, but of those mealy-mouthed politicians without the courage to take the dream to its final conclusion.
Stating that he was astonished at Vettel's actions as the three-time world champion had come across as a well-adjusted young man, Watson said that Vettel still has not explained why he did not obey the team, apart from making some mealy-mouthed excuse at that time.
Well-meaning pic tries hard to extend understanding to its principals, but apart from some relatable moments of familial awkwardness, it's a tidy and rather mealy-mouthed look at values in conflict, played in a slickly watchable indie register.
This and similar demonstrations across the country did more in one day to challenge the Government''s austerity agenda than months of mealy-mouthed criticisms by Labour politicians and union leaders.
Buckley--apparently referring to this year's party convention when the delegates passed a mealy-mouthed resolution in support of a "new tax system" without bothering to say what kind-replies, " .
INSTEAD of mealy-mouthed negotiations with the government over proceeds from a Tote sale, surely the BHA should get some balls and lead a hard-line campaign for the Tote to be returned to racing.
Who is the mealy-mouthed do-gooder who legislates that this offender cannot be chased in case he sustains an injury?
And as for the mealy-mouthed explanation from chairman Roy MacGregor that it was done to "save the soul of the club"?
At a cost of 25m [pounds sterling], this is not a mealy-mouthed measure; it is a gesture on a grand scale, effectively saving 1,000 dairy farms and showing the world that this increasingly isolated supermarket (to wit; this week: Sunderland, the Competition Commission, and the carpet showroom in Finchley stories on p6 and 8) does care about its clients.
All the AU did was to issue mealy-mouthed words of condemnation.
Pratfalls, spit-takes and even a romantic triangle ensue, as well as one of the most mealy-mouthed messages ever: Change is good, but tradition is good, too.
What I am sorry about is the way in which this once great country has been reduced to the state it is in now, by mealy-mouthed leaders and politicians who seem to lack any backbone and live permanently on their knees seeking to apologise all over the world for being British.