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Synonyms for mealy-mouthed

Synonyms for mealy-mouthed

hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy


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The phantom's use of "just one reason" and "some of us" is mealy-mouthed innuendo, but the rap on grammar is valid.
And the Met Police's way of rectifying that cruelty was a mealy-mouthed, cold little letter to his widow admitting grudgingly they should have provided "clarity" earlier.
And not make me cringe at yet another piece of mealy-mouthed and deliberately misleading political spin.
Shamefully, it took 24 hours to extract a mealy-mouthed statement from the National Union of Journalists, my own union, in defence of press freedoms.
You find mealy-mouthed magistrates, who have no real knowledge of the law but rely on advice from the clerk of the count) and judges, who listen to slick-talking lawyers, who will have previously advised the criminal to show remorse and so reduce their sentence.
Smart turns in a mealy-mouthed rom-com that risks being a bitter pill.
Then, on Monday, they quietly usher Mancini - who, in fairness, delivered the club long-awaited silverware - out of the exit door with little more than a mealy-mouthed 'official statement'.
LUIS SUAREZ A LIVERPOOL one-two in this week's villains column, but Suarez deserves it with his mealy-mouthed comments alleging a Manchester United-led conspiracy against him in England.
Even if one were to stretch credulity to its limits, and accept their mealy-mouthed excuses, it doesn''t inspire the populace to entrust the financial affairs of a major nation when (even if one were to believe their stories), they appear to be totally incapable of managing their own.
I have no doubt there will be a response from many floggers and hanging readers saying my observations are far too mealy-mouthed.
Personally I've always got on well with Steve, but if Mills had a grievance to air he certainly didn't hang back - and that was refreshing in these days of mealy-mouthed responses.
What I am sorry about is the way in which this once great country has been reduced to the state it is in now, by mealy-mouthed leaders and politicians who seem to lack any backbone and live permanently on their knees seeking to apologise all over the world for being British.
England's Premier League opens in two weeks, understandably the focus of the English-speaking soccer world, and its big four of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool are warming up with verbal penalty kicks that make the coaches in any American sport sound like mealy-mouthed diplomats.
In contrast to the mealy-mouthed minimizers of John Paul's importance, Weigel shows that Karol Wojtyla had been the outstanding figure of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
But with the Bilton Silver Band defiantly belting out Land of Hope and Glory as the curtain closes, you'd be a very mealy-mouthed person indeed not to give a rousing thumbs-up to this heart-warming feelgood show.