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In a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said that applying off-season management techniques could save citrus, mango, guava, loquat, blackberry and other fruit from Mealy Bug attack.
However, the abundance of predatory spiders was noticed on the field of jatropha and the spider population indicated its association with the population of major insect pests such as jassid, white fly, mealy bug and termite.
Khushk and Mal (2006) [23] reported that various Neem and tobacco based botanical products have been reported successful in controlling the mealy bugs in cotton.
Treatment with mango mealy bug showed the lowest adult male and female longevity of the C.
In conclusion, ghost ants that defend mealy bug are rewarded by an abundant honeydew sup ply, which serves as an essential food resource for colony growth.
Since endosymbionts play a vital role in the physiology of their host, revealing the types of bacteria associated with mealy bug will give basic information, which may throw light on the management of this pest.
Attack of Mealy bug is intriguing and deserves narrow focus as this is another attack on cotton crop of Pakistan.
Thankfully, insects generally aren't a problem but the red spider mite and the mealy bug are the main pests attracted to poinsettias.
Study on biology of mealy bug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley on cotton in Punjab.
Cassava is afflicted with many pests and diseases including the more serious ones, such as the cassava green spider mite, cassava mealy bug, African cassava mosaic disease, cercospora leaf spot disease and cassava bacterial blight among others.
This shows a vivid difference, which may be attributed to multifarious factors like insect/pests of mango like mealy bug, fruit fly, diseases like powdery mildew, anthracnose, die back, as well as weather hazards, defective marking system and poor post.
The journey was fruitful when his pharmacy W S Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Research Centre, Lahore got the go ahead recently from the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Food and Agriculture to use the products against the cotton mealy bug (Ventage) and wheat aphid (Rigorous).
KCA senior trader Shakeel Ahmad said rain would bring positive signs to cotton crop in Sindh and Punjab, as water would wash white fly and mealy bug to a great extent.
Chandigarh, July 30 (ANI): Farmers of Punjab's Abohar district are left anxious after a mealy bug infestation damaged their cotton crop.