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the hour at which a meal is habitually or customarily eaten

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How to Feed Your Kids walks parents through choosing a place to eat and setting the mood for the family mealtime, establishing a schedule the whole family can count on but leaving room for flexibility when needed, planning menus and cooking wholesome food for - and with - kids, and giving children room to develop their own tastes and enjoy their food.
The efficacy of mealtime Afrezza in adult patients with type 1 diabetes patients was compared to mealtime insulin aspart (fast-acting insulin), both in combination with basal insulin (long-acting insulin) in a 24 week study.
The findings showed that 71 percent of pregnant women reported at least some mealtime TV watching, and 33 percent of the mothers reported that their 3-month-olds were exposed to the TV during feeding.
Included in the line will be Zak's 3-piece Mealtime Set that includes a plate, bowl and 9-ounce tumbler.
It is perhaps easy to see why these figures are so high - tantrums (38%) and boredom (35%) are the main reasons most mums and dads turn to technology during mealtimes, and three quarters admit using technology to persuade their child to finish a meal.
The transactional process was first presented in the research literature in 1975, (2), (3) but it has more recently contributed to an increased understanding of the complexities of development and in particular mealtime challenges.
He suggests mealtime chats could simply start with what's happened during the day, with parents showing an interest in what children have done at school.
AFREZZAao (insulin human rDNA origin) Inhalation Powder is an ultra-rapid acting insulin intended for use at mealtime to control the rapid rise in blood sugar levels that occurs in people with diabetes immediately after a meal.
The Volunteer Mealtime Assistant role supports the Trust's Red Tray scheme, designed to ensure that staff can easily see the patients that need help with their meals.
Mrs Bethan Nickson, the newly appointedGeneral Manager for Infection Control, Cleanliness and Hygiene said: "If you are visiting a ward displaying the Protected Mealtime Poster, please respect this.
Mealtime has become a haphazard affair in many families and its demise is creating problems never anticipated for our children.
From "Robin Miller Quick Fix Meals, 200 Simple, Delicious Recipes to Make Mealtime Easy.
From Pecan Stucky Buns; Mini Cheese Quiche; and Sunday Chicken Casserole; to Oven Fried Chicken Fillets, Crab Cocktail Quickies; and Country Fruit Pie, "51 Fast And Fun Packaged Dough Recipes" offers even the most novice kitchen cook fool-proof, step-by-step instructions for turning ordinary fare into true mealtime magic
Ideas range from telling stories from the Bible to emphasizing the importance of mealtime prayers to quietly donating surplus school supplies and helping neighbors with housework or yard work when they fall sick or upon difficult times.