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The following day ACO Dunne picked up a delivery note for the mealie bags and used it to write the letter to friend Capt Warneford in Cape Colony in South Africa.
Even eating nothing but thin mealie meal porridge, she had kept her roundness.
I will send some of my own supply of mealie meal and greens, and that last cut of meat, Mai Tamba, be sure to take it along, allow that to make it clear that Ester is, here, with me now.
Most meals in Swaziland include mealie, a ground corn porridge.
You are unravelled, handed over to warm brown arms and a smell of Lifebuoy soap and mealie pap.
V Df Mealie in Seed in Weight of bush mealie thousand seeds Replication 2 21/792 15/770 4/286 Sowing method (A) 1 150 223/127 * 78/844 Experimental error 33/875 6/745 6/236 Row distance (B) 1 620/167 ** 2/160 114/844 ** (AxB) 1 748/167 ** 426/72 ** 0/150 Openers type (C) 1 10584 ** 12/32 5/01 (AxC) 1 912/66 ** 64/02 11/9 * (BxC) 1 300 64/32 2/6 (AxBxC) 1 164/16 ** 51/62 31/97 ** Experimental error 2 27/13 16/01 2/26 CV (%) 12/4 7/95 4/35 S.
94-98) When I went home with my luggage All I found were mealie stalks and broken down walls I scratched my head as I entered I asked where my wife and parents-in-law were And I was told of the white man I work for.
Amelia Cameron - known as Mealie -attended her local, The Jolly Farmers in Thornaby, every weekend for 73 years.
Chard ordered an improvised defense barrier to be thrown up, consisting of mealie sacks, biscuit tins, and two wagons.
I think that's why a lot of us like the mealie food as that's the kind of thing they would cook.
It seems such a disproportionate amount of growth for such a small crop of one or two cobs of sweetcorn, corn-on-the-cob, maize or mealie.
He said: "It came down in the finish to three ounces of mealie meal - the staple food of the natives - and one biscuit a day.
Hidden in the Mealie Meal: Gender-Based Abuses and Women's HIV Treatment in Zambia.
Almost 70 per cent subsist on less than $1 a day, with a basic diet of mealie porridge and sugar beans.
Readers from the United States or Africa would be right in thinking that polenta as we know it today is a close relative of cornmeal mush, grits and mealie pap--though do keep an open mind if you're not at all keen on any of the above.